Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spawn the Black Heart

I did some rearranging and managed to open up some Detolf room for these Spawn figures I got from a few months back. I wanted to display these guys in the Detolfs because I just don't like to display highly detailed figures in open space because dust will get into the little crevices and they become a pain to clean.

Tonight I decided to open this one, the Black Heart Spawn. I've been itching to get these guys out of their packages forever, but I am very picky on where each opened toy will be displayed. I like to display alike figures together or according to the era in which I was introduced to them, I think I have some OCD for this LOL!

One thing that I am very weary about on these type of figures, especially old ones that have been in the package for this long (this one was released in 1999), is the paint in the joints. I've had some NECA figures break on me right out of the package because the paint in the joints just welded the joints together and when I tried to move them, they shear right off.


Luckily on this figure, most of the joints were able to snap free except for the left thigh. One way to fix this problem is to put the figure in the fridge for several hours and then try to snap the joint free. I've tried this method before and it has worked for me so far. But for this figure, I decided to just leave it since the thigh swivel doesn't add anything to the poseability of this figure.


The main selling point of these figures to me is the attention to details and the designs that you just don't see in any other figure lines.


This figure has 19 points of articulation. Most of them are there just so this figure is not a statue.


But the details more than make up for the lack of articulation of this figure. Most of his body is covered in a chain mail suit, he must have waited a ton!


This figure came with two axe weapons.



His cape is also a separate piece. The bottom of the cape is actually made of cloth.


Overall I am really glad I opened this figure and did not leave them NIB. At first I was thinking of keeping them NIB because these figures lack articulation and they wouldn't look that much different out of the box. I was wrong though since all the pieces are separated in the packaging and it looks a lot nicer assembled out of the box. I will be opening the rest of the Spawn figures this week.



  1. Which spawn series is this? I never seen this before... Btw what is NIB? DO you mean MIB as in Mint in Box?

  2. wicked looking Spawn figure for sure.

  3. Todd McFarlane does a great job on these figures, assuming it is a McFarlane figure.

  4. @LEon: NIB = New in Box. The figure is from The Dark Ages series, the Mandarin Spawn is also from this series.

    @jboypacman: Ya! Spawn figures always either looked cool or gross to me LOL

    @actionfig: Yup, it's from McFarlane. These are from the old days where they are still carded.

  5. Everything in this figure is very detailed sculpted and well painted..Very nice indeed!!

  6. I remember there used to be a Spawn shop in Singapore. Thou I don't collect Spawn figures, I admire the detail and quality of the toy. Sad that the comic lost it's popularity.