Monday, September 19, 2011

Beast Wars Haul

I picked these today from the same seller who I got my TFA Arcee and King Hulk from yesterday. He updated his sale posts with these guys and I sent him a PM right away haha! I am really glad he is a local so I save on shipping and we met up pretty close to home too so it was all good.

Beast Wars is another line that I am looking to complete (complete as in getting all the ones I want, not complete the whole line). I grew up with Beast Wars, it was my first exposure to Transformers. I actually had a lot of Beast Wars Transformers back then, but after moving and temporarily "growing out" of them, most of them ended up being donated or thrown out.

So after completing my Transformers Animated line, I decided to go back and complete my Beast Wars collection. I already have about half of the ones I want that survived from my childhood. I also picked up several of them back at the Toy Expo this summer. The rest I will probably get from fellow collectors because the prices of some of them MOSC is just waaay too much for me to afford.

I got these with the intention of opening them right away, but upon further inspection of the packaging, especially Silverbolt, it brings back a lot of memories of going to the store and begging my parents to get me one and then playing with them with my friends later during the week. I think I am actually going to keep the Silverbolt MOSC and just look for a loose figure. The Inferno I will open, but I will probably keep the box as well.

Seeing these two toys MOSC just brings back so much of my childhood memories! The cool thing is that I actually have never own these two Transformers back then!


  1. those are bitchin'- especially the red one. i like any red toy- also anything with wings, funney enough

  2. @ Super: LOL! I love any translucent plastic toys hahaha

  3. Childhood action figure memories are priceless.I get excited every time i buy a vehicle of some sort because as a kid i just couldn't afford them.The more i look at these Transformers the more i'm tempted to pick some up.Nice haul!