Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our weather is messed up

It's the end of May and we just had a hail shower the size of M&M's. Wasn't quick enough to snap some pics though. Come to think of it, most of the showers lately are consist of hail. How's the weather at your side of the world?

Toy Story 3 Movie Teaser

I love the Toy Story movies!!! Can't wait for this one! Can't wait to see the toyline too!


Friday, May 29, 2009


This happened while Spiderman was on desk duty...

To be continue...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today's haul

Went back to the flea market today to see if I run into the TF's again, but as expected, they were gone already. However, I still had a big haul...OF CHOCOLATE LOL!!!

They have an indoor candy store there that have tons of chocolate for very good deals. I've never even seen some of the stuff I see here at retail stores. Got these for a buck each. Sorry for the distorted picture, I had my macro lens on and didn't bother to take it off for a quick snap.

The Mint flavoured Slimstix are amazingly delicious

Here's how the mint Slimstix looks like. Basically curvy chocolate sticks with chocolate bits on them, length is approximately the same as the box.

Also picked up a "Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul" book for $5! I have a few of these and they usually cost $20+!

Another treasure found!

Found Blanka while cleaning up my washroom cabinets today...wonder why it was in there LOL. Got this waaay back in '95 on my second last day in Hong Kong where my godbrother won it for me in one of those game machines that have the blinking lights in a circle and you have to hit the button at the right time to land on a light with a prize. I remember we got a lot of them and shared them among our friends, but I also remember staying in front of the game machine for a long time haha.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marvel Universe Wave 5

Source: Marvelous News

- Guardian
- Spider-Man
- Sub-Mariner (Black Trunks)
- Silver Centurion Iron Man

I really like the Guardian so I am probably going to pick him up. Namor looks alright, I like the classic look more. As for Spiderman, one important aspect of any Spiderman figure for me is articulation, and the MU ones are lacking in that department. Not sure about ANOTHER Wave 1 Iron Man repaint and to add, only change in gold to silver?!? But I will probably get it anyways because I want to collect 4" Iron Man figures since I can start from scratch (Unlike 6" where a lot of them are discontinued and $$$ now).

Talking about 4" IM's, I think Hasbro is going to be doing a lot of them for the IM2 movie just like for Wolverine Origins. Can't wait to see some news on them!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Deadpool

This trailer is just way cool!

From Marvelous News

Itsy Bitsy Spider...

I've reserved the area around my current Spiderman collection for other Spiderman villains that I might purchase in the future. The Power Rangers area is reserved for some RPM figures that I am interested in (waiting for sale). And the area under my figures wall shelf is reserved for Marvel Universe (Thank God they are so small!).

So while sitting back on my chair and enjoying the view of MOC figures on my walls, my eyes searched around for more possible open wall space for displaying. Then I noticed a small dot moving on my triangular arched ceiling above my computer desk area. So I took my trusty camera and snapped at the tiny dot at maximum zoom. Here's what I got.

(Click to enlarge)

ARGH! And I was about to go to bed too! The highest point of the ceiling is a good 10 or so feet up, so I have no way of reaching up there and getting it. Also while following the spider, I noticed that it went back to the same point over and over again. So I snapped a pic of whatever it is as well.

I cropped the picture to get the actual size. It looks like a friken spider nest!!! Looks like I have some exterminating to do this weekend. I hate spiders. If only I had a Nerf gun right now...

However, I'll let you all know if I wake up tomorrow and suddenly acquired super strength and web-slinging powers.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MOC Display

I took out my MOC figures on the weekend because I wanted to think of a way to display some in my room. At first I was thinking of using a rectangular piece of wood to mount the figures and then mounting it onto the wall. But I found out push pins work as well, even easier and cleaner looking. So today I bought a 100-pack of push pins for a dollar at the dollar store and mounted my MOC Spiderman villans. I still have some more MOC Marvel Legends and Power Rangers, but not sure if I want to cover my whole wall with them or not.

Do you collect MOC figures? If so, how do you display them? Or are they stored away in boxes?

Just added my Power Rangers stuff on top of my closet. They are basically just hanging there since the wall behind seems to be solid wood, so the pins only went through a few mm's.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not all is lost...

My childhood toys that is.

While cleaning out my desk drawer today, I found this figure. It is Robin from Batman.

It is from when I was around 5 years old and I remember buying this in Hong Kong.

He lost a lot of paint on his hair though.

I will display him along with my other figures. It feels good to have a toy from my childhood.

Continuing my Hotshot build: Part 4, Styrene body work

Today was too windy outside to spray paint the body, so I started the styrene parts of the body. The only styrene parts of the body is the two logos on the side of the Lexan main body.

The piece is composed of two parts.

Since the two pieces do not fit together perfectly, I used some putty to fill the gaps. Have to wait for it to dry a day, then I can sand it down.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Have you ever regret...?

...not buying a toy that you probably won't see again?

Today I went to the local flea market. While looking around a table with various loose toys of GI Joes, TMNT, and other characters I do not recognize, I saw some Transformers, they were from Beast Wars. I saw a Rhinox and Tigatron, Tigatron was missing his tail and I wasn't sure if Rhinox was complete at that moment. I lingered for a while, and at the end, I left without them.

Beast wars was my first exposure to Transformers, but back then I didn't get the chance to buy these toys because the characters that I liked were never in stock, and I only saw shelf warmers that I didn't like. I only started getting the toys in the Transmetal series. Back then, I like only the Maximals; actually most of the toys I had (from any show) were the "Good guys". The characters that I remember most clearly are Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Tigatron, Rattrap, Rhinox, and Dinobot (although Dinobot belongs to both Maximals and Predacons depending on timeline of the series).

I am not totally sure why I didn't buy them even though I had a feeling that I would regret it if I didn't. They were at most a few bucks. But I guess it's the fact that I never bought used TF's. Another thing is that these were/maybe incomplete and I don't know if I'd ever complete them. At that time, I was thinking, hmmm maybe I should just check Ebay to get a complete one instead. Then I checked when I got home and the prices were pretty outrageous.

Anyways, next time I see another TF for cheap, I will definitely buy it so I won't regret it later.

Continuing my Hotshot build: Part 3, Lexan body work

Had some time today, so I started the last part of the build, the Lexan body. RC bodies are usually made of Lexan (polycarbonate) because they have good impact resistance and are cheap to replace. Lexan bodies generally cost from $30-$60, while styrene bodies are usually over $100. Styrene bodies are also not as impact resistant, they form cracks when under stress which leads to fracture sooner or later.

Lexan bodies are vacuum molded so you get the whole piece of Lexan product instead of just the body part, like the following. The actualy body have to be cut from the entire piece. There are specially made scissors for Lexan to make the process smoother, I have a pair, but I couldn't find them today so I had to do it the hard way with an Exacto knife.

Lexan scissors come in form of straight blade and curved blade. Curved blades are mostly used because of the 3-D structure of the bodies. The blades are also very sharp on the Lexan scissors. Regular scissors are usually insufficient to cut through Lexan bodies.

Here's the buggy's wing cut out.

One thing about Lexan bodies that many newcomers do not know about is that the paint goes on the inside of the body. Unlike styrene bodies, where (obviously) the paint goes on the outside surface of the body; painting is done on the under surface of the Lexan bodies. This is to ensure that the paint won't get scratched off during collisions. Another thing is Lexan bodies have to be painted with paint made for polycarbonate, paint for plastic modeling will just chip off on Lexan bodies. Decals can go on the outside or inside. Factory decals (decals included in kits) usually go on the outside. But you can get internal decals that goes on the inside of the body before the paint is applied.

Tamiya Lexan bodies are thicker and most detailed in the industry. Their Lexan bodies are also the most expensive compared to aftermarket bodies. Their price are usually around $60, while most aftermarket bodies range from $30-$40. For this Hotshot model, there is only one body for it because of its unique styling.

Here's the main body after 1 hour of cutting, trimming, and a lot of cuts on my thumb.

Will be painting it tomorrow if it's not too windy outside!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Continuing my Hotshot build: Part 2, Roller Completed

Did some more on the Hotshot today. Finished the rollcage part and wheels. Final part is to paint, trim, and mount the body. The buggy is just a roller right now though since there's no electronics. But it shouldn't be too hard to swap in electronics in the future.

The hardest part for today is mounting those rock hard tires onto the rims. My fingers are still sore from that workout.

One thing that I really like on the Hotshot is the suspension. Both ends utilize one shock each for the independent suspension movement. It is an interesting idea, but performance is probably not as good as a shock on each corner. I will take more detailed pics of the suspension setup later.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Continuing my Hotshot build: Part 1

This is another Tamiya rerelease I purchased back in 2007. I started the build, got mid-way and stopped because school was starting again. Another reason why I stopped the build was that I didn't have the electronics for i (I still don't though).

Maybe it's the rerelease of the Rough Rider that got me excited to finish this kit again or something. But shortly after I started assembling it, I ran into a tiny problem. On step #33, the A1 piece that goes between the two piece rollcage (near the bottom) is defective. Something occurred in the molding process which warped my A1 piece. The good thing is that it is technically just a tubular piece, so it is not that difficult to fabricate a replacement for.

I will update my progress of this build on here. For today, this is what I've done.



[EDIT] As requested by LEon, a picture of the driver with crazy eyes...I think it's more like misplaced eyes now LOL (or maybe he just have major eyebags from the long drive)

More Pics of RERE Rough Rider from the Shizuoka Hobby Show

TamiyaClub member RA1028 have just posted more pics of the RERE Rough Rider! Mmmm...this is too awesome!!!

The use of LiFe battery is an interesting one because I believe it will be the first factory kit to include this battery technology. From what I've read, these are from A123 and one thing I love about those batteries are the incredibly fast charge time. I remember seeing that the packs can be charged in around 10-15 minutes. The only disadvantage is the larger size compared with standard Sub-C cells. However, even though the cell-to-cell size (A123-to-SubC) is larger, the A123 are 3.3V per cell while the SubC's are 1.2V per cell. Another thing is it requires a special charger, which will again up the price of this kit if you are using the included LiFe battery.

Official TamiyaUSA Rough Rider 2009 page

I've always been a fan considering 50% of my collection is Tamiya. But man! Tamiya just stepped it up with this rere Rough Rider! Please give us a nice white background boxart for this too!!!

[EDIT] Just pre-ordered mine through the hobby shop, apparently it's a limited edition. But I am 100% sure they will reuse the chassis for another model sooner or later, they wouldn't waste a mold just on a limited edition of one model.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tamiya Rereleases the Rough Rider/Buggy Champ

The following excerpt is a Japanese-to-English translation from Tamiya Treasure,

"Reissued in 30 years! !
The legendary Racing Buggy "Buggy Champ" is completely reissued! !

Released in 1979, BUGGY CHAMP, the key player of the Electric RC buggy boom, is coming back.
Equipped with a 2 mm thick FRP and reinforced duralumin plate main frame, die-cast suspension arms, and transparent parts of radio deck without changing the basic structure.

Structural changes were made to improve the strengthened front uprights, oil dampers and corresponding ESC. Experience the reailistc body and dynamic running, this is the model for entusiastic RC fans.

A faithful reproduction of the original chassis, featuring the front double trailing arm, torsion-bar type rear suspension, gear case, front axle, rear sus arm, front sus arm and wheel hub are reproduced in new die-cast type.

★ Overall length 400 mm
★ Full ball bearing
★ Same blister packing
★ Plastic white body is easy to paint
★ Exclusive Li-Fe battery sold separately."

And the original Tamiya promo vid of the Rough Rider from Youtube,

This must be the biggest news for Tamiya collectors at the moment, the rerelease of the vintage Rough Rider/Buggy Champ. What differs this rerelease from previous rereleases is that the original RR/BC has a lot of die-cast metal components. I always thought, even if Tamiya does rerelease these vintage metal models, the metal components would be replaced with some durable plastic counterparts. Boy am I glad I was WRONG! Pics have just surfaced on TamiyaClub by poster RA1028 from the 09 Shizuoka Hobby Show and we have confirmation by a Tamiya representative that the parts are indeed metal! Wooooooooohoooooooooooo!!!

I think the scheduled release date is in July. The price is going to be 34000 Japanese Yen, which is about $340USD. Holy crap! Convert that to Canadian and that's $400! I hope that the street price will be less.

Another aspect I forgot to mention is the return of blister packaging. You can see the in my NIB pics of the rere's in my TAMIYA-THON posts that the in-box packaging are just cardboard boxes. Although this is an awesome return for NIB collectors, I doubt I can afford to get one to build and one for NIB, so I am not TOO excited about the blister packaging except for the initial thrill when openning them.

And here's my 1/16 Tamtech Buggy Champ, this is a GB-02 chassis in the Tamtech series which consists of 1/16 counterparts of several popular vintage buggies such as the Frog, the Hornet, and the Fox. They are just fun to bash with because they are pretty much indestructable. Mine has a brushless motor which propels the little guy to probably 30mph and I have yet to break anything on it (touch wood).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Some updates

My internet haven't been working properly lately, it's been on and off for the whole week, very annoying. So sometimes when I want to add comments, I would type a bunch of stuff and then get an error...*sign*

I also rearranged my room, been wanting to do this for a while, I am surprised how big it feels now LOL

(Click to enlarge)

Also got my package from Dealextreme today. For those of you that are not familiar with DX, it's basically an online store that sells pretty much anything for cheap. They have free shipping too to add on top of that. I got some stuff that I will be experimenting with in my pictures in the future and I got an 8-diopter add-on lens for my camera. It was only $10 and I wanted to play around with it. It is pretty fun, but I really have to experiment with it more because it narrows down the depth of field a lot and it's hard to focus. But I can get some pretty neat macros with some nice detail and some distortion around the edges. Oh well, fun for $10!