Sunday, May 23, 2010

New toys

It has been a while since I have posted my new toys. Even though school is finally over, I've been busy at school since I am continuing my research with my supervisor for two more months. It is a good opportunity that I do not want to miss because I may never get to do this type of research again. It is a good experience and I get to learn a lot of techniques and skills that are not available elsewhere.

Anyways, I've still been buying toys here and there.
IM2 Comic WM, Movie WM

6" Mark V (still haven't found Mark IV or WM)

Power Rangers Super Legends MMPR Megazord and Avatar AMP suit (surprised to find these at Winners and also at really good prices!), ROC Cobra Gunship.

School's over and I finally have lots of time for RC. I still gotta build and finish up many kits and projects I have collected over the 4 years LOL! Visited the hobby shop yesterday to pick up some parts for a project that I got most of the parts for 4 years ago LOL!!! I remember buying them around Xmas time during my first year of Uni, of course after getting the stuff, I never had time to build it and it has been in storage ever since. I went to the shop yesterday with a list of parts I needed, only to walk out of the store with a lot more than planned (happens every single time...*sign*). My haul included a set of alloy beadlocks for the current truck project, I was just going to get some plastic wheels, but these just looked so much more cool. These were my first set of beadlocks and man were they a pain to mount the tires on, after 2 hours and a pair of swollen hands, I managed to mount all 4 tires on them. Maybe it was just because I haven't wrenched on my cars for such a long time (was in the workshop for 6 hours straight!), so that's why my hands were swollen. It was worth it though, the rims look great with the tires. Still gotta mount the shocks, body, and then add the electronics. This reminded me of how much fun it is to wrench on and build a kit. It's sad that there are so many RC models on the market that are only available in RTR (Ready-to-run) format right now. Personally, I think the building process is the most fun, I rarely even run them lol. But knowing the fact that the model can be run whenever I want is what keeps me sticking to RC over static models.

The other big haul is this Axial SCX-10 Honcho kit right here. A few years back, if one wanted to build a scale RC truck, they would have to gather custom made parts from all over the place or make it themselves (like the 4 year old truck I am working on right now). There were no instructions or anything, it was just DIY mostly and requires a lot of modification for the parts to work together. The modification part is not a problem for me as I love to build and tinker with stuff, but all the little parts can add up very quick and it can get very expensive quick. Nowadays, scale trucks and crawlers are way more popular that many kits are available from different companies that come competition ready. This Axial SCX-10 right here is IMO the best scale truck kit on the market at the moment in terms of aesthetics and price (I don't care or know much about performance, works for me as long as it moves LOL!).

Look forward to more RC content from now on as I am finally diving back into the world of RC!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Man 2!!!

Just came back from the midnight screening of Iron Man 2 and it sure did not disappoint! I still remember seeing the trailer during the Transformers 2 midnight screening last summer and I couldn't wait to watch it! Time sure past by quick! Now school's done and Iron Man 2 is here!