Monday, March 30, 2009

Movie Trailer: Astro Boy

Is this new or did I just missed it?

I love Astro boy though! Can't wait for this movie!

TFU: Starscream

Saw the rest of the new wave of Universe 2.0 today (Hound, Cyclonus, Starscream). Only picked up Starscream since I don't really know about Hound and Cyclonus. I already have Acid Storm, so Starscream is a repaint, although a very nice one.

For those of you that buy these TF's, do you keep the card and instructions? I have only kept the three 25th Anniversary cards I got (Starscream, Cheetor, and Dinobot) since they have the actual character art on them. For the other non 25th Anni ones, apparently we get the Canadian version of the card that has a generic character art and no character specs on the back, so they are not worth keeping. I keep all my instuctions in a ziplock bag, just in case I forget how to transform them in the future, although that never happened yet.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Display

Did some cleaning on my book shelf today and ended up with an empty row. So I filled it up with my Revoltechs. Also took the opened figures that were originally displayed with my other figures (Marvel and Transformers) to this display. What do you think?

For those of you with figures from different lines, series, companies; do you display them separately? If so, according to what categories do you display them in?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's haul

Revoltech additions: Gaiking, Getter 1, Saber (Fate/stay night)

Also for those of you that collect figures with accessories, how do you store the extra accessories? Do you have some sort of system to neatly separate them, or just dump them all in a box? At the moment, I have mine in their original packaging, but I find this inconvenient because when I want to change the accessories, I need to dig out the cardboard box containing my Revoltech boxes, then find the right Revoltech box, and take the stuff out.

SOTA Street Fighter Guile Photoset

One thing I really like about this figure is the articulation on the feet, first time I see this design.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Street Fighter haul

After reading phantomzone's review of the NECA Ryu figure on Open The Toy, I went to the comic store looking for these figures. Currently, there are Ryu, Ken, and C. Viper in the series, I was hoping to pick up either Ryu or Ken. But the store was sold out of Ryu and Ken, they only had C. Viper, which I wasn't interested in since I don't know anything about the character. However, they did have some SOTA SF figures. There were Guile, Adon, Gen, and Sodom, I ended up getting Guile since he is my dad's favourite SF character.

It is a pretty cool figure, sculpt looks nice. Comes with alternate head, 2 right and 1 left hand (one with his comb), and the sonic boom thingies.

More pics coming soon...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Participate in Earth Hour!

Just want to direct some attention over to the post I made on my other blog about Earth Hour happening on Saturday March 28, 2009 8:30pm wherever you are.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

NECA Pirates of the Caribbean

Opened the NECA POTC figures I got last week today. As expected, the details are really nice. Each figure includes a base and the bases can be matched together with other figures from the series. I am thinking of grabbing the Maccus and Palifico figures so I can put together the Flying Dutchman diorama.

The Bootstrap Bill figure includes the treasure chest with Davey Jones' heart in it just like the movie. On the Davey Jones packaging, it says it includes a treasure chest and heart, but mine didn't come with any. It's okay for me though since I got them in Bill's figure.

The Cursed Pirate figure is quite neat, I always had a thing for skeleton figures. However, it is quite flimsy and a little hard to make it stand up. It did come with a clear stand that goes into his back to support him.

It feels good to be able to finally open these figures. Due to the lack of play time lately, I've been only buying and not opening. Sure they do look good in their packaging, but they look even better out of their "plastic prison".

Davey Jones

Bootstrap Bill

The Dead man's the detailing on the chest!

Davey Jones' beating heart...

The Cursed Pirate...

My NECA figures

For NECA figures, I do gladly sacrifice articulation for detailing. I just love holding the figures in my hands and checking out all the details on them. Not to mention they look good in pictures!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Figure display cleanup

Finally took the time to clean off all the dust that have accumulated on my figures and display area. Also rearranged it for a new look. This shelf is above my work area where I spend most of my time on. It's nice to be able to look up and see my toys, and play with them whenever I want haha!

And Predator wins once again!

The shoulder joint on my new NECA Predator sheared when I try to move it right out of the box! I feel for you desmond!

At least I can do this now LOL

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Incredible Hulk: Grey Hulk

Just ripped open the packaging for this Grey Hulk figure. I really like this one, the proportions are better than the movie hulk IMO. The sculpt is really nice, especially on his fists, much better than the movie hulk. My movie hulk had demented fingers which I had to fix with an exacto knife and some carving. One neat thing about this hulk is the articulating figners on his right hand, it is to hold a STOP sign weapon that is included. My only gripe is the overdone wash on the figure, some spots are much more concentrated than others which ruins the whole point of the wash. I might try to fix this later.

Oh ya, I also updated my previous post on the Beast Wars Cheetor with a new pic of the robot mode. Didn't want to separate it in another post.

Today's haul

NECA Alien to go along with my Predator!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Universe 2.0 Beast Wars Cheetor

More pics at the end of the week!

Beast mode. Looks fast just sitting there haha

"Triple blade battle disks" hidden in upper leg area.

[Added 03/20/09] Sleek robot mode, looks like a crossover between the original Cheetor and the Transmetal 2 Cheetor to me...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mini review: Universe 2.0 - Beast Wars Dinobot

Don't have time to setup the lightbox, so just took the pics on my desk. Nicer pics coming at the end of the week!

Beast mode. IMO this is not as show accurate as the 10th anniversary version, but I like this one better. It looks more sleek and the components integration is accomplish very nicely.

Transformation to robot mode was very fun, not too complicated yet not overly simple either. Colors are a bit funky, again not show accurate. Actually I didn't like this color at first, but it's growing on me. However, the colors on the card is much better. You can see the picture in the previous post. I am thinking of repainting it, either to show accurate colors or the one on the card.

The head, the colors do not match very well. The one on the card is metallic purple with metalli yellow which looks much better. But I think I still prefer the copper/blue like in the show.

One neat feature is the hands can change to claws, I think Dinobot in the show had claws instead of hands too.

With weapon transformed from the tail in beast mode.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Universe 2.0 Beast Wars: Dinobot and Cheetor

Finally got some "new" TF's, this wave has just arrive here! It's been out in the US for a few months already! So far, I have only seen Dinobot and Cheetor. I heard others have found Hound, Cyclonus, Starscream, and Smokescreen, but they run out of stock really quickly.

I had to go to two TRU's today to get these. First one I went to had the lone Dinobot on the pegs, so I grabbed it right away. Second TRU had three Cheetors and nothing else. The Universe stock is pretty dried up right now.

Anyways, Beast Wars was my introduction to Transformers. It was the first TF show I ever watch. I think I only had the gorilla Optimus Prime toy for that series, and that was purchased in Hong Kong a while after the end of the series. I remember that I always wanted to get the dinobot and cheetor toys, but they were really popular so I never found them. Only started to get more toys for the Transmetal series. So as you have guessed, I was very excited when I found out the Universe series was going to rere these two.

This clip brings back a lot of memories...

About the toys, I haven't had time to open them yet, but will soon. Check back for a review and more pics!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Today's Haul

Went back to the comic store today and picked up two more Pirates of the Caribbean NECA figures.

Cursed Pirate and Bootstrap Bill

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today's Haul

Scored these at a toy outlet today for very good deals. I was surprised to find the gray hulk there because I haven't even seen them in stores yet. And the big Dr. Doom is just awesome, it looks so good in the package, makes me don't want to open it.

Movie Trailer: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Yes, I am a Harry Potter fan and I can't wait for this movie!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

NECA Davy Jones

Picked this up today at the comic store near my school. The package is so nice, makes me want to keep it NIB. Nah, I will just wait to get a new display shelf before I open it. No room to put it right now.

The detail on these NECA figures are really nice. Maybe I'll go back and pick up a few more next week. Oh, did I mention these were on sale from $16.99 to $3.99? Even better!

Mini review: Revoltech Saber Alter

I finished my last exam today, so I finally have time to play! First up is going to be the Revoltech Saber Alter that I've been dying to open. I haven't watch the anime "Fate/stay night" which I believe Saber is the main character for. But I just really like the look of this figure because of her armor. This Alter version is I think an evil version of the original Saber. I haven't receive the original Saber yet, so I cannot do a comparison at the moment.

Overall, the aesthetics of this figure is what I love the most. The details on her face, her eyes, the red vains going up one side of her face. There are red lines which I assume to be blood on parts of her armor. The figure makes me want to watch the anime, maybe later.

The box design is different from my previous figures, I think this is because it is in the V2 series.

The set includes the figure itself, an alternate face with a visor, and two swords. I think one belongs to the original Saber and the other one is the evil version of it. Also included is a stand.

The figure can stand alone by itself without the stand. But the stand allows for aerial poses. One interesting thing is that the sideskirts on the armor are held on by Revoltech joints. I thought this was neat because you can "flare" up the side during certain aerial poses. The front and back of the skirt is made of rubber. Due to my absence from photo-taking for the past few weeks, I had only a few keepers for this photo session (mostly poor focused). More pics of the figure along with another Revoltech tomorrow!

Some comments I would like to make on the figure. The left albow joint on this figure is quite loose, it is okay for most poses, but sometimes it will drop down if that hand is holding a sword. Another thing is the grip of the hands on the swords are quite loose as well, took me several tries to take some of the pictures with the sword staying in the direction I wanted. But overall, I would give the figure a 4.5/5. The 0.5 taken off is just for the little things I mentioned, everything else is perfect! I love how this figure has armor, but is not too bulky, in fact the design is quite sleek too!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Refueling

Refueled on some plastic crack for another week of midterms...

Still haven't had time for these yet...