Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pursuit of Cobra Haul pics

I ripped these guys right out of the package the night I got them, I am very impressed with all the accessories they come with. It makes me question the value of the Marvel Universe and Star Wars line, for the same price, you get a figure and a sh*tload of accessories where the other two lines probably comes only with a rifle or an energy effect.


It is again also because of these accessories that these figures can be configured in many different ways, now I want several more BATs just so I could have them displayed with their other hand attachments and alternate heads. I now understand army building collectors, it would look pretty sweet to have an army of BATs.

Here's a BAT with a minigun. I am really surprised with the details they added on these things, especially the battle damage chest and head pieces.

This is the Alley Viper, I was initially iffy on getting this one because he didn't really look that cool from the box art. But I remember a lot of hype about him so I decided to grab it to see what's up and I am glad I did!

Cobra Shock Trooper, I'd like to get some more of these guys as well...sigh...I think I've caught the army building bug which I sweared I'd never do...

And lastly Low-Light, this is one SICK figure. It comes with LOADS of accessories, even little details like a bullet in a bullet case (thanks to actionfig for letting me know about this LOL). The case in his left hand can hold this sniper rifle as well.

I will take more pics of these figures with their accessories tonight.


  1. I might have to get that Jungle BAT if i can find one i like the Battle Damage on it.

  2. Nice!GI Joe figures dwarf the other lines in the accessory department.Nice haul jcee!

  3. @jboypacman: Ya the Jungle BAT looks sweet! I am planning to pick up several more of them too because they just looks so sweet!

    @actionfig: For sure! These are a much better deal than the other lines!

  4. I think the Cobra Shock Trooper looks really cool with the riot shield and CA mask.