Saturday, September 29, 2012

Masterpiece and some thoughts

I recently acquired my first Transformers Masterpiece by Takara, it is the MP-01 Optimus Prime. This is the first of the Masterpieces and is to me still the best Masterpiece to date. This piece IS the definition of a Masterpiece mainly due to its size and diecast components. It just feels so solid and impressive when held. I am really glad I was able to acquire this piece in of Transformers history.

By the way, have any of our fellow toy collectors watch the show called "Collection Intervention" yet? It's a new series where a chick that is supposedly a toy appraiser and collector herself "intervene" to help out some collectors/borderline hoarders sort out and take control of their collections. I am sure the whole thing is scripted and I really don't watch it for her help, but to see the awesome collections from these collectors.

Although this show is largely scripted, it has influenced me a little even after watching just three episodes. It made me really stand back, take a wide look at my collection, and seriously consider which items I could do without. After pondering for a while, I took a bunch of toys that I decided I could do without, took some pictures of them, and threw them up on my local forums for sale.

From now on, instead of buying many small items here and there, I will try to save up for that one definitive piece that will stay in my collection forever.

I mean, having this Masterpiece Optimus Prime on display just gives me so much more satisfaction than all the deluxes I sold to pay for it.
Takara Masterpiece MP-01

Saturday, September 15, 2012

[SHFiguarts] Kamen Rider W Heat Metal

Finally got the last main form I needed for my Kamen Rider W collection!

Had to stalk Amiami's preowned section for at least a month or two before I was able to snatch up this figure. I still remember seeing this in my last Hong Kong trip at regular price, but for some reason passed on it. Now I was able to finally get this figure, but at double the price!

Lesson learned = buy first, think later...LOL

Kamen Rider Double Heat Metal