Saturday, January 31, 2009

Your First Toy?

During my New Year cleaning, I found several toys from way back. One of them was the Ultraman Puzzle. Another one that brought back a lot of memories was this toy gun. This was one of my very first toys (that I can remember) I got when I still lived in HK when I was around 3-4 years old.

So what was your first toy?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Took a short break from the lab report...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review: Revoltech Optimus Prime Convoy

To start off...Happy Chinese New Years everyone!!!

First, I have to admit that I am addicted to Revoltechs. I just love the amazing amount of poseability these figures have. They are excellent for me because I love taking pictures of my toys. Today, I walked out of the hobby shop with this Optimus Prime plus 4 other Revoltechs on order. Hope I get them soon!

Another thing that I would like to comment on is the price of these figures. The Tetsujin-28 was $25cdn and the Prime was $27cdn. These prices are considered as a deal here because I've seen them go for $30+tax at other stores. But it has come to my attention that these figures sell for around $90-$100hkd in Hong Kong! I just knew about this tonight because my cousin's boyfriend collected these too. However, I can understand because HK is closer to Japan so they probably get their goods at a lower cost. It doesn't change much for me since I am not going to HK anytime soon. But when I do, for sure I will bring back a lot of toys! Until then, I will continue to support my LHS (local hobby shop)!

Ok let's start the review. It's going to be a brief one since I have tons of reports and assignments to do.

What is included in the box?
Optimus Prime, beam rifle, 3 variant hands, and the Matrix of Leadership. This figure did not include a stand which was disappointing.

Also got this notice in the box too, can anyone read Japanese???

First thing I noticed was the arm joint on his right shoulder was very loose. This limited the poseability because this is also the arm he holds his beam rifle with. I am pretty sure this is not a common case and just that I am unlucky to get a bad joint because his other arm is fine.

Detail-wise, I would give it a 4.5/5. Overall, the paint is really good, although a bit sloppy on the windshield on his chest.

One of the hands he comes with is for holding his beam rifle. Another hand looks like it was for holding the Matrix of Leadership. However, it doesn't hold onto it snuggly. In the picture the Matrix is just balanced onto his hand.

Overall, I would give this figure a 4.5/5. The main thing that reduce the experience is the loose shoulder joint. I would like it to include a display stand, but it stands fine by itself. I definitely recommend this to any Transformers fan out there, I don't think any other Convoy Optimus Prime has this much poseability. There are of course better quality ones such as the Masterpieces, but at a much higher price. IMO, at this price, the Revoltech is a MUST for all Transformers fans!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Marvel Universe - Fury Files - Iron Man review

I decided to open this figure today. I originally kept it NIB because I found that the mold on the face of this particular one was not very good (as you will see in the pictures). But I haven't seen any more of these figures after I got mine last week. These figures are not even suppose to be available here until a month later, so I couldn't wait that long. I figured I will just open this one and get a nicer one to keep NIB when they are widely available.

First off, the two mandatory front and back package shots. The boxart on this new Fury Files line is very attractive. The character art has a nice vintage comic look to it. The back of the package shows several other figures from the current line. So far, I've seen the Punisher and Spiderman. Punisher's head looked really big and unproportional to his body making him look really weird. Spiderman was alright, but I am not a fan of the lighter blue + red color scheme. I like the dark blue and red scheme more.

Ok, so inside the package, you get the figure itself, the translucent yellow beam ray, and a small plastic package that includes the following spec sheet and a "Top Secret" envelope.
(Click pictures to enlarge)

Instead the Top Secret envelope...

Included is a Top Secret file from Tony Stark! And a collector card with Iron Man's identification and artwork. The French/Spanish versions are included as well, but the collector card does not have the Iron Man artwork, instead each language version of the identification is on each side of the card. Same with the letter file.

Ok, finally we can get to the figure. First thing I noticed was the high level of detail on a figure of this size. The colors are really good too, metallic red and metallic yellow. Articulation-wise, it is not as good as I expected. Mainly because I've seen a picture of this figure in the kneeling with his fist touching the ground pose, but I haven't been able to reproduce this pose. There wasn't a whole lot of poses I could get it to do. But my opinion on articulation may be bias after my recent review of the Revoltech T28.

As you can see, the mold on the left part of the mask is not that good. I am sure I just got the bad apple because my stealth version Iron Man has a perfect sculpt there.

The translucent "blast ray" attaches to his wrist via the C-shape part of the ray. However, using the ray will limit the amount of poseability because of its weight.

"Time to wrap it up!"

In conclusion, I would like to give this figure a 3.5/5. Partial points were taken off due to my particular mold defect. Another thing was the poseability, but this is my first 3 3/4" figure, so I am not sure if this is what I should expect (ex. GI Joes). IMO, I think for the price ($10), it should include some more accesories. One thing that I think will be very useful is a display stand (another Revoltech influence). Will I buy more? Definitely yes! Especially since there is another Iron Man coming in the second wave!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dark Lord of the Sith...

Always wanted a vader figure, but could never find it. Luckily I found this set today at a price cheaper than the figure alone! Comes with a coin album with some nice art on it too.

Here is what's included in the set. Figure, album, catalog.

Let's take a look at the figure. I think it is just the exact same figure as the standalone figure. It includes a collector coin with Darth Vader imprinted on it.

Now the main part of the set, the album. The album contain slots for collecting the coins that comes with the Star Wars 30th Anniversary figures. Album art is really nice, the artwork pertains to their respective movie.

Love this last one.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today's haul

Ferrari F50 Autoscale by Kyosho

About the lightbox...

Some comments on my new DIY lightbox...

Today I bought a clamp-on desk lamp and used it to add lighting on the lightbox. It definitely eliminates most of the harsher shadows, which is nice. However, one little thing that I noticed after scanning through my pics is the reflection of the lights on the item photographed. This was especially evident in the Tetsujin-28 pics because the figure has a gloss finishing. So currently, I am experimenting with different setups to eliminate this, if anyone has any suggestions, please leave me a comment!

Revoltech Tetsujin-28 review

Ok let me write a little review on this figure because it is my first Revoltech! I don't know a whole lot about the background of this anime since it is way before my time, only thing I know is that this robot is basically a giant RC robot controlled by a little boy. I have always liked the design of this robot. It is simple, yet there is some subtle charm about it.

Anyways, onto the figure. First of all, the packaging is really attractive. Won't go into detail though, just check out the pics!

My first impression was that the joints on the figure were really stiff. This is a good thing since I rather them be stiff and loose. But being that this was my first Revoltech, I was slightly hesitant in using much force to manipulate the joints, afraid that I would break it. After messing around with it for a while, I got the hang of it and posing it was really fun!

The paint apps were okay, not excellent though. Tetsujin-28 has a dark metallic purple finishing. Although the paint looks smooth on most of the figure, there are some areas with rough finishing. However, you can only see these areas if you examine the figure at a close range.

The figure comes with a selection of exchangeble components and a display stand. For Tetsujin-28, we got 2 extra sets of hands, rocket flames, live wires, and an extra head with the evil red eyes. The fitting on these exchangeble parts are very tight, but they can be exchanged with some force. The only problem that I had was with the altenate head, just couldn't get the Revoltech joints to fit in the head. I didn't bother changing any hands for this shoot since this is the second time.

I like how they made the flames a solid color instead of making them translucent.

One neat feature is that there is a hole in the jetpack flame that attaches to the stand allowing for some neat in flight poses.

All in all, I've had a good experience with my first Revoltech and already have two more on order! I'll give you a hint, one of them has to do with this...

Oh and check out what I came upon...
Tetsujin-28 Movie coming soon...?

Some new stuff...

First up, made a DIY lightbox from the foam cores I got from Michael's that was on sale ($1 a piece! Original price for these foam sheets are $5.99 each!)

And as you can see from the above picture, I got some new goodies! Found several of the new Marvel Universe figures from Hasbro at Walmart a few days ago. They are 3 3/4", same size as the G.I. Joes and Star Wars figures. I picked up the regular and the stealth version of Iron man. Details are really nice on them and from the looks of them, the articulation is not bad either (haven't open them yet).

Next is a CLK-DTM Vodafone AMG-Mercedes Autoscale from Kyosho, these are body sets for my RC Mini-Z's. More pics of it tomorrow.

Lastly, a Revoltech Tetsujin-28! Always been a fan of this guy, the local hobby shop owner lend me the anime series on DVD, but I didn't have time to watch it. This guy is just awesome! I played with it a lot and took a bunch of pics of him. But because of my new setup, I forgot to properly set the white balance, so all the pics went to the garbage can. Will redo photo session and write a review of it tomorrow.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Ultimate accessory for your 1:6 figure?

It has been a while since I have been this excited for an upcoming release in the RC world. Being a big fan of solid axles and scale trucks, this release from RC4WD is really something to be excited about! I'll cut short and just get to the pics.

Pics from RC4WD (Click to enlarge)
1/5 scale solid axles

CAD drawing of the smaller axles (black color in first picture), dimensions in mm

Quote from RC4WD on Scale4x4
"We will continue working on the 2 speed t-case, chassis, tranny, 4 links mounts. We hope to have a complete kit by March or April. Both electric and gasoline version."

I can't wait to see the complete kit! However, judging from the prices of previous scale truck kits from RC4WD, I estimate the price for one of these in kit form will be in the area of 1.5k. To get it up and running, we are probably looking at 2k. Yikes!

So for those who wants a ride for their 1:6 figures and can dish it out...keep checking for updates from RC4WD!