Saturday, September 17, 2011

figma Miku Append Ver.

After seeing LEon at Open The Toy open his figma Miku Append version, I was tempted to open I did! For a review of the figure, please direct yourself over to Open The Toy.

I am not a huge fan of Miku, but this Append version just attracted me because of her "sexy" face haha!

I ordered my Miku from Amiami and I was given the headphone promotion item, it looks pretty sick! I think I am going to experiment with this headphone on my other figures later haha

Another thing that attracted me to this figure is this sexy pose!

More pictures later!


  1. she's a looker! ...and quite the fancy toy, i might add

  2. Thanks for the link up. I am so jealous of the headphone!!

  3. @ Super: She sure is! I still have many ideas for a photoshoot planned for her...coming soon!

    @ LEon: Haha the headphone is fun in that it works on other figures. It doesn't fit on her head that great though.

  4. The headphones were a pre-order bonus due to her being figma #100 and designed for other figmas as well. How very nice of them! Good sculpt that's fer sure