Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour Day Haul

Just something I picked up over this Labour Day weekend which I have spent half of the time reading the Death Note manga. I think it would be best to review my Light Yagami and Ryuk figures after I finish the series...which should be this weekend.

I've always been interested in vehicles from the GIJoe line and this new HISS is no exception. Scored this for $15 only which is half of the normal price so I am happy!


  1. Too bad I found out this one is the ugly brown color that was apparently a mistake that was later changed back to flat black which looks A LOT better! I guess I will have to repaint this one myself or something.

  2. Vehicles are cool...Vehicles with an action figure included are coolx4!GI Joe kicks a@# man!Nice pick up.