Friday, September 30, 2011

September Amiami Haul

Received this massive package from Amiami today. Luckily I didn't get taxed this time. I picked up 3 sets of candy toys which killed me on the shipping for this package. They were on sale and I've always been curious about what they were so I bought them, only to find out that the shipping were about $35 per case! No wonder why they had to put these on sale, at the original price plus shipping, these would be a lot of $$$. I figured oh well since I had other stuff coming as well, why not?

I got this one first...

then grabbed these two after...

I actually grabbed the first set on impulse, then grabbed the other two after finding out they had "lights & sounds" that the first one didn't have. I am really looking forward to opening and checking these ones out. I will review them this weekend.

Then I also picked up several figma Dragon Knight figures since they were sooooo cheap, I didn't hoard them though, only grabbed the ones I like. I really liked how the joints on these figures are hidden as if the figure is in a suit.

Although to be able to add these to your cart on Amiami, there's a trick (I think not everyone knows about this hence they are still in stock). When you open the page for these figures, the status will show "In stock", but there's no Add to cart button. But just click on "View all pictures" and voila! The Add to cart button is now there! Okay, let's see how long it will be before they really go out of stock this time.

And luckily I was able to grab one of the SHF Ryuki with his mirror monster. This is one very special set as I think it is the first time a SHF figure come with this big accessory.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some ickle and Lardee

I was shopping for some books on the Book Depository and decided to add this photobook to my order as well. I learned about this through the interview Open The Toy did with the Milk Toof creator sometime back. I find the characters, ickle and Lardee, very cute and life-like through the photography by Inhae Lee. So after a long wait, I have finally added this book to my collection.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spawn the Black Heart

I did some rearranging and managed to open up some Detolf room for these Spawn figures I got from a few months back. I wanted to display these guys in the Detolfs because I just don't like to display highly detailed figures in open space because dust will get into the little crevices and they become a pain to clean.

Tonight I decided to open this one, the Black Heart Spawn. I've been itching to get these guys out of their packages forever, but I am very picky on where each opened toy will be displayed. I like to display alike figures together or according to the era in which I was introduced to them, I think I have some OCD for this LOL!

One thing that I am very weary about on these type of figures, especially old ones that have been in the package for this long (this one was released in 1999), is the paint in the joints. I've had some NECA figures break on me right out of the package because the paint in the joints just welded the joints together and when I tried to move them, they shear right off.


Luckily on this figure, most of the joints were able to snap free except for the left thigh. One way to fix this problem is to put the figure in the fridge for several hours and then try to snap the joint free. I've tried this method before and it has worked for me so far. But for this figure, I decided to just leave it since the thigh swivel doesn't add anything to the poseability of this figure.


The main selling point of these figures to me is the attention to details and the designs that you just don't see in any other figure lines.


This figure has 19 points of articulation. Most of them are there just so this figure is not a statue.


But the details more than make up for the lack of articulation of this figure. Most of his body is covered in a chain mail suit, he must have waited a ton!


This figure came with two axe weapons.



His cape is also a separate piece. The bottom of the cape is actually made of cloth.


Overall I am really glad I opened this figure and did not leave them NIB. At first I was thinking of keeping them NIB because these figures lack articulation and they wouldn't look that much different out of the box. I was wrong though since all the pieces are separated in the packaging and it looks a lot nicer assembled out of the box. I will be opening the rest of the Spawn figures this week.


Pursuit of Cobra Haul pics

I ripped these guys right out of the package the night I got them, I am very impressed with all the accessories they come with. It makes me question the value of the Marvel Universe and Star Wars line, for the same price, you get a figure and a sh*tload of accessories where the other two lines probably comes only with a rifle or an energy effect.


It is again also because of these accessories that these figures can be configured in many different ways, now I want several more BATs just so I could have them displayed with their other hand attachments and alternate heads. I now understand army building collectors, it would look pretty sweet to have an army of BATs.

Here's a BAT with a minigun. I am really surprised with the details they added on these things, especially the battle damage chest and head pieces.

This is the Alley Viper, I was initially iffy on getting this one because he didn't really look that cool from the box art. But I remember a lot of hype about him so I decided to grab it to see what's up and I am glad I did!

Cobra Shock Trooper, I'd like to get some more of these guys as well...sigh...I think I've caught the army building bug which I sweared I'd never do...

And lastly Low-Light, this is one SICK figure. It comes with LOADS of accessories, even little details like a bullet in a bullet case (thanks to actionfig for letting me know about this LOL). The case in his left hand can hold this sniper rifle as well.

I will take more pics of these figures with their accessories tonight.

Friday, September 23, 2011

More Beast Wars!

Man this week has been awesome for toys! They just keep coming and coming! I received this package from a seller on the Canadian TF forums. Ever since I completed my Transformers Animated collection, I've decided that my next task was to complete my Beast Wars collection. So here's another two to the collection! The cool thing again is I've never had these two when I was a youngster! So I had a lot of fun transforming and playing with them!

They were both in great condition as well, surprisingly no flaking on the chrome parts at all!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Army Builders

Toys'R'Us got a buy one get one for $1 sale going on for all Marvel Universe, Star Wars, and GIJoe figures. I decided to go there today hoping to find some MU, but they had NOTHING! Not even one MU figure in sight! Star Wars was pretty cleaned out as well. But I was surprised to see that the GIJoe figures were freshly restocked! LOL!

I picked up several of the army building figures that I've been interested in for a while to test out if I want to get several more of them later. Low-light is the only non-army builder, I remember seeing a fellow blogger talk about this one and I've wanted it ever since, sorry but I forgot who it was.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Futurama Tineez

I picked up these guys today at the local comic store. I've wanted these guys ever since I saw them in pics from the SDCC 2011 show. They just look soooo adorable!

These guys are staying NIB because like all Futurama figures, the packaging looks so nice too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beast Wars Haul

I picked these today from the same seller who I got my TFA Arcee and King Hulk from yesterday. He updated his sale posts with these guys and I sent him a PM right away haha! I am really glad he is a local so I save on shipping and we met up pretty close to home too so it was all good.

Beast Wars is another line that I am looking to complete (complete as in getting all the ones I want, not complete the whole line). I grew up with Beast Wars, it was my first exposure to Transformers. I actually had a lot of Beast Wars Transformers back then, but after moving and temporarily "growing out" of them, most of them ended up being donated or thrown out.

So after completing my Transformers Animated line, I decided to go back and complete my Beast Wars collection. I already have about half of the ones I want that survived from my childhood. I also picked up several of them back at the Toy Expo this summer. The rest I will probably get from fellow collectors because the prices of some of them MOSC is just waaay too much for me to afford.

I got these with the intention of opening them right away, but upon further inspection of the packaging, especially Silverbolt, it brings back a lot of memories of going to the store and begging my parents to get me one and then playing with them with my friends later during the week. I think I am actually going to keep the Silverbolt MOSC and just look for a loose figure. The Inferno I will open, but I will probably keep the box as well.

Seeing these two toys MOSC just brings back so much of my childhood memories! The cool thing is that I actually have never own these two Transformers back then!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Final TFA Haul

I have finally acquired a Transformers Animated Arcee WOOHOO! Got this from a local Transformers collector for a bit above retail but totally worth it since these are impossible to find now.

Also picked up this King Hulk from the same guy, I've been wanting this figure for a while after watching Hulk vs. Thor. I love that scene where Hulk was fighting Beta Ray Bill so much that I bought Beta Ray Bill right after at the comic store, but I was not able to find this version of King Hulk. I have the Planet Hulk from the Annihilus series which I think is suppose to be the same character, but that one is just not screen accurate at all. I wanted this Fin Fang Foom one but most of them were way more expensive than I'd like to pay for it. I even saw one in my Hong Kong trip selling for $280 HKD for a MOSC one (which is around $40 CDN). I got this one for a pretty good price so I am happy, and now I will be able to recreate that battle scene haha!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

figma Miku Append Ver.

After seeing LEon at Open The Toy open his figma Miku Append version, I was tempted to open I did! For a review of the figure, please direct yourself over to Open The Toy.

I am not a huge fan of Miku, but this Append version just attracted me because of her "sexy" face haha!

I ordered my Miku from Amiami and I was given the headphone promotion item, it looks pretty sick! I think I am going to experiment with this headphone on my other figures later haha

Another thing that attracted me to this figure is this sexy pose!

More pictures later!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

F4U Corsair Fighter Plane

I've been meaning to pick up an RC plane all summer and I finally did 2 weeks back. I picked up the Parkzone F4U Corsair from their Ultra-micro park flyer series. These run for about $100 for the Bind-N-Fly version (for those with a controller already) and about $140 for the Ready-to-fly version. Both versions come with a battery charger and one battery pack. Although the charger it comes with is DC and requires 4 AAA's (also included) to provide juice to the lithium polymer battery.


Even after making the purchase for this plane, I was too nervous to fly it right away so I practice on my RealFlight simulator for a while first. After 2 weeks of practicing here and there, I decided that it was time!

The box also acts as a carry case which can carry the plane (with styrofoam protection to secure it so it doesn't flop around inside the box), battery charger, 3 batteries, and the controller (only the one that comes with the RTF version).

Long story short, it got windy real quick and because of the light weight of the plane, it was very hard to control. But also because of the light weight of the plane, the landings (or shall I say crashes) were also less damaging. I also try to steer it towards patches of grass for its crash landings...but sometimes that was just impossible before I crash. After several attempts of taking off and landing...just when it was taking of the landing wheels flew off! I decided to call it a day and wait until a less windy day.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Amiami haul of August

This came a bit late because figma Miku got delayed until the beginning of September. But good thing while Miku got delayed, the two figures from the Doraemon series just came out in time so I was able to get them along with my order.

I got the MG Mask Rider 1 when I missed out on the SHFiguarts version of it because it was selling out so fast, I just want to secure this character in any form because he was the first Kamen Rider I ever watched when I was like 5 years old. After that I basically was on Amiami waiting for their restock everyday for 2 weeks before I was able to get the SHFiguarts one! And since I am a big fan of Kamen Rider OOO, I grabbed the Shauta combo too when they were in stock, I am still thinking about if I should get all the forms though.

And lastly I grabbed another box of the Moji Bakerus because I love these things haha, they are the Kanji character-to-animal transforming candy toys that I got a box of a while back. This one is actually the rerelease of their first set.


Oh ya! Almost forgot my figma Miku Append version...that face is just so sexy...LOL

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Masterworks!

I've always wanted to get into Marvel comics but had no idea where to start. Also I thought I didn't want yet another thing that I want to collect. But I figure that since my constant preorders from Amiami are almost over and there are not many toys that I want at the moment, I might as well get some comics for the time being. Although I am a fan of Marvel characters, I don't know anything about their history and what each character DID. That's the primary reason why I want to get into comics. So as suggested by Super Duper Toy Box, I ordered my first comic books on the weekend and they just arrived today! He recommended starting with the Essentials or the Masterworks, although the Essentials are cheap, I just don't like black and white comics haha. So I decided to go with Masterworks with my two favourite teams: the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

These are the first volumes of each series. Can't wait to read them!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Woooooooohooooo! Received my SDCC 2011 Exclusive Sentinel today! This is the exclusive I want the most from this year's SDCC. As I am a big fan of cool packaging I will be keeping this one MIB. I will be getting a retail one for display. I hope the rumor of the SDCC colors being release in retail later on is true because I really want one with these colors on display.

One thing that sort of sucks is the batteries are dead in this thing so he doesn't talk. But I guess since I am leaving him MIB, the batteries will die sooner or later.

Even the art on the packaging looks amazing...

And this is what it's all about...the massive packaging! For some reason this huge packaging really appealed to me and I knew I had to have it when I saw it. I actually wanted the SDCc Galactus last year when I saw it too, but I couldn't afford it at that time. I am glad I was able to get this exclusive this year though. I wonder who Hasbro is going to do for their next Masterworks?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour Day Haul

Just something I picked up over this Labour Day weekend which I have spent half of the time reading the Death Note manga. I think it would be best to review my Light Yagami and Ryuk figures after I finish the series...which should be this weekend.

I've always been interested in vehicles from the GIJoe line and this new HISS is no exception. Scored this for $15 only which is half of the normal price so I am happy!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Let there be light!

Picked up a set of wireless LED lights for my shelves today. Just set them up and they make the display looks 10x better! Each set comes with 4 light pods with 5 ultra-bright LEDs on them. Each pod is powered by 3 AAA's which are included as well. With the lower power consumption of LED's and the fact that these won't be on 24/7, I think the batteries will last quite a long time. I am going to go back and pick up several more sets to light my displays on top of the cases and my Transformers shelf!

Ya I still have some space to fill out haha