Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jet-powered Prime

I've been wanting this combo for a while, it's the second movie leader class Optimus Prime and the Fans Want It Jet-power upgrade set. Ever since this 3rd party set was released, I knew that I would want it. I eventually tracked down a loose Optimus Prime to use with this set. However, as time passed, this had fallen down the list of to-buys. But this bot popped up on the local Transformers site, the upgrade set with the prime for the same price as if I were to the get the upgrade set alone. So I pulled the trigger...and I am glad I did. This bot looks super cool! Much better than the Jetfire + Prime combo from Hasbro! It sits at about 12-14" in height which makes him MASSIVE! I need a whole shelf of my Detolf to display him. The cool thing about this set is the mobility is not impeded whatsoever, the articulation of the leader prime is all retained. Although that is not to say he can strike many poses because he is still really back heavy. That and together with the flimsy plastic (I read on the forums that the plastic on this snap really easily), I had to handle it with extra care. It was all worth it though as I finally got a screen accurate display for the Jet-powered Prime (one of my favs in Bayverse Transformers!).

Jet-powered Prime

Monday, January 20, 2014

First 3D-Doodle

Today, I received my 3Doodler! It's basically a plastic extruder on a pen which allows you to draw in plastic. I saw this on Kickstarter about a year ago and thought why not? For $100, I got the 3Doodler pen and 5 packs of plastic (25 strands each). I was VERY excited for this because I love stupid gimmicky fun like this.

Here's my impression of it so far...

First 10 minutes: Okay this thing sucks! The plastic is not even coming out straight, it's getting caught on the tip of the pen and just creating a twirly mess on the tip. I don't even know how I am suppose to "draw" anything.

After: Okay, I think I am sort of getting the hang of it. The thing to avoid doing is random doodling in the air. The plastic cannot support itself indefinitely so gravity will take over and drag your doodle to the ground. The "technique" that I am using is drawing pieces on paper and then connecting them together.

Annnd here's my masterpiece! LOL
First 3Doodle LOL

Thoughts: I think I can definitely learn to improve on using this tool. It is frustrating to use and not just something you can pick up and put down anytime (need to clean out leftover plastic to avoid jamming it). But I can see myself 3D doodling a lot more in the future!