Friday, April 22, 2016

Transformers Animated Collection - Completed...again?

I am pretty sure I posted a complete picture of my Transformers Animated collection several times already, but it never is complete because there are always those elusive figures that are just sooo hard to find. I think I started this collection around 2009. It is now a third through 2016 and I have made significant progress in this collection. It is one of the few collections that I just cannot bring myself to sell even though I don't have room to display it in my new home. Maybe some day when I can afford a bigger home, this collection will come live with me.

Anyways, several new pieces I have acquired for this collection since then are mainly most of the Hasbro repaints. I seriously don't even know why I wanted them, but I guess deep in my mind, I am still wishing Animated didn't end so early. I have just acquired the most elusive figure of all for me personally, Takara Blackout! Arghh I saw this brand new when I was in HK late 2010 after graduating, but ended up getting Jetwing Prime over it (my Jetwing Prime is still NIB btw). I also acquired another set of the Jet twins to display as Safeguard. Other big purchases include the Shadow Blade Megatron, which cost me waaaaay more than I should have paid for it, but they were offset by sales I made on a lot of other figures. Another one is Atomic Lugnut, seemed like I've seen this guy tons of times, but when I wanted to get him, he was nowhere to be found.

That's it for now, there are still a few I want in the Animated series, namely, the Botcon Toxitron, that one is a beauty. And the TFCC Animated Cheetor, which I actually saw them get cleared out a while back, should have gotten one that time...but you know how it always happens. You don't want it until it's unavailable! LOL!



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Massive sell off

Hey guys, figured I'll post my massive sell off here too.

Prices are listed in Canadian dollars.
Paypal only (add 4% on top for fees), shipping paid by buyer.

I am looking to offload a majority of my collection and will only be keeping a few pieces. Reason is I am looking to get my own place within the next year or so and I won't have room for this stuff anymore.

Most of these are loose and complete without boxes. I have stored their accessories in these plastic tackle boxes and I have 10+ of these.

Here is how this is going to work:

1. PM me what you are interested in.
2. If prices are not listed, I quote you on prices.
3. If you are still interested, I will send you pictures of figures and accessories.

If I am missing something from the picture, let me know. I will most likely have it, I'd just have to find it.

Picture link: I will add to this every time I get a inquiry

I treat all my figures like a collector. Everything is in pristine condition as I only remove them from the package, take a few pictures, and then they go into their Detolf prison for the rest of their life. Transformers are usually transformed once before they are put on display, again forever. My home does have a dog, but it is smoke-free. If something's broken, I will let you know.

I don't have prices for everything as of now. I will try to update it asap. In the mean time, feel free to give me an offer. I will be using Ebay to get a rough idea of what they are worth, so if your offer is 10% of that, then don't waste your time. Alternatively, you can just PM me and I'll get you a price. I will give discounts if you are buying multiple items. Some items I will prefer to sell as sets, I will add the details soon.

My previous sale post prices still applies, although if the prices are different than here, this post will be the updated one.

NIB - Unopened New in Sealed Box
MIB - Opened, Mint in Box (Taken out for inspection)
LC - Loose, Complete

MISB Hasbro Generations Skrapnel & Reflector: $15
MISB Takara TF FOC Jazz: $20
MISB Takara TF United Blurr: $25
MISB RTS Perceptor: $15
MISB DOTM Crankcase: $15
MIB Hasbro Grimlock (took out and displayed in detolf, have not even been transformed, comes with box and everything) - $100
(LC) Hasbro Movie Battle Blades Prime - $50
(LC) Hasbro Cybertron Leader Galvatron - $80
(LC) Hasbro Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime and Wing Saber - $100
(LC) Hasbro Energon Voyager Megatron TRU exclusive - $40
(LC) Hasbro RID2015 lot (Bumblebee, Strongarm, Steeljaw, Drift) - $40
(LC - haven't even been transformed, just taken out of box and straight into display) - Hasbro MP-10 Optimus Prime - $180
(LC) Alternator Hound - $15
(LC) Alternator Silverstreak - $15
(LC) Movie Leader Starscream - $60
(LC) Movie Shockwave - $30
(LC) Custom Painted ROTF Movie Soundwave - $20
(LC) HFTD Lugnut - $40
(LC) Hasbro G2 Laser Optimus Prime with KO Battle Tanker - $60
(LC) Revoltech G1 Optimus Prime - $40
(LC) Revoltech G1 Megatron - $40
(LC) Combiner War Ultra Magnus - $40
(LC) Generations Windblade - $15
(LC) Sons of Cybertron Classic Clear Optimus Prime - $25
(LC) Takara United War for Cybertron Darkside Optimus Prime and Megatron set - $80
(LC) Marvel Crossover Motorcycle Spiderman - $35
(Loose, missing thigh missiles) Beast Wars T-Rex Megatron: $25
(Loose) Kreo Microchangers Preview Series and Series 1 (18 total minifigs): $35

Kamen Rider (All loose without box, unless otherwise stated)
SIC Kiva
SIC Decade
(NIB) Figuarts Fourze Elek
(NIB) Figuarts Fourze Fire

SIC Kiwami
Faiz and Autovajin
Den-O Sword Form
Blade Jack Form
Blade King Form
Wild Chalice
Agito Trinity Form
Wolf Orphnoch
Horse Orphnoch
Kuuga Rising Ultimate Form

Garo Dark Knight Kiba
Garo Madou Horse

D-Arts Mewtwo
D-Arts Blastoise
D-Arts Charizard
D-Arts Venusaur
(Set of 4 Pokemons - $320)
D-Arts Alisa Ilinichina Amiella God Eater - $70

figma Miku Append Ver.
(NIB) figma Steins Gate Rintarao Okabe
(NIB) figma Steins Gate Kurisu Makise
(NIB) figma Steins Gate Kurisu Makise (White Coat Ver.)
figma Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Nyaruko
figma Accel World Silver Crow
figma Accel World Black Lotus
figma Accel World Scarlet Rain
figma Accel World Kuroyukime School Avatar Ver.
figma Super Sonico Tiger Hoodie Ver.
(MIB) figma Drossel Original Ver. - $35
(NIB) figma Link - $50
(NIB) figma Metroid Samus - $60
(NIB) figma Pit - SOLD
(NIB) figma Dark Pit - $90
(NIB) figma Robocop - $50
(NIB) figma Fireball Charming: Drossel (Charming) - $70
(NIB) figma Dragon Knight Ryuki - $35
(NIB) figma Dragon Knight Onyx - $35
(NIB) figma Dragon Knight Knight - $35
(NIB) figma Dragon Knight Axe - $35
(NIB) figma Dragon Knight Odin - $35

Revoltech Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric - $120
Revoltech Gloomy Original Ver. (set of 2) - $40
(MIB) Revoltech Gloomy Halloween Version (set of 2) - $40
Revoltech Baby Milo - $30
Revoltech  Fate/stay night: Saber Alter - $25
Revoltech Iron Man Mark 1
Revoltech Iron Man Mark 2
Revoltech Iron Man Mark 3
Revoltech Iron Man Mark 6
Revoltech Iron Man Warmachine
Revoltech Getter 1
Revoltech Tetsujin 28
Revoltech Black Ox
Revoltech GR-2
Revoltech Mazinkaiser
Revoltech Gaiking
Revoltech Gaiking Open Face Ver.
(NIB) Revoltech Fate/stay night: Saber - $30
(NIB) Revoltech Danboard - $40
(NIB) Revoltech Woody - $35

(NIB) Robot Spirits Gouf Custom - $35
(NIB) Super Robot Chogokin Mightgane - $30
(NIB) Super Robot Chogokin Chou Ryuu Jin - $30
Figutto Death Note Light
Figutto Death Note Ryuk
Playmates Classics Turtles (set of 4)
Playmates New Turtles (set of 4)
GIJoe Movie line HISS Tank (have sticker sheet, unapplied)
Mezco Mars Attack Alien
(NIB) Ultra-Act Brother's Mantle - $15
(NIB) SHF Akiba Ranger (4 figures + first release stands) - $80

Marvel Legends
Movie Legends Iron Man Mark 3 - $15
Movie Legends Iron Man Mark 5 - $25
Movie Legends War Machine - $30
Movie Legends Iron Monger (Custom painted) - $20
Terrax Wave Ghost Rider (Orange) - $30
Terrax Wave Ghost Rider (Blue) - $20
Terrax Wave Thor - $20
Terrax Wave Iron Man (Red) - $10
Terrax Wave Iron Man (Blue) - $15
Ronan Series Mr. Fantastic
Fin Fang Foom King Hulk - $30
(NIB) Annihilus Planet Hulk - $30
(NIB) ToyBiz Vengeance: $10

Loose, as is figures - $5 each

Marvel Universe
Galatus with Silver Surfer - $100
(On card and have box) SDCC Exclusive Sentinel - $120

Loose, as is figures - $5 each
DC lot (4 figures) - $5
X-men lot (4 figures) - $5

BAF pieces - $5 each (Only fist arm of sandman and the green torso is left)

Marvel Select
Juggernaut - $25
Movie Falcon - $35
Comic Green Hulk
AOU Hulk - $25
The Thing - $25

Lex Luthor
DC Direct Arkham Asylum Bane

Masked Battle Damaged Wolf (Cut-joint figure)
Unmasked Predator (Series 1)
Masked Predator (Series 3)
Elder Predator (Series 3) - Broken Knee joint, hot-glued back
Predator Hound (Series 3)
City Hunter Predator (Series 4)
Big Red Predator (Series 7)
Left for Dead 2 Boomer
Left for Dead 2 Smoker
Team Fortress 2 Red Soldier
Team Fortress 2 Red Pyro
Team Fortress 2 Red Demoman
Team Fortress 2 Red Heavy

Motorcycle guys (loose, set of 4, around 3.75" scale): $20

Funko POP!
(NIB) Despicable Me Fire Alarm Minion - $10
(NIB) Big Hero 6 Go Go Tamago - $8
(NIB) Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon - $8
(NIB) Big Hero 6 Baymax - $15

Kamen Rider Wizard Rings - $15 for both sets