Sunday, September 28, 2014

I see you

Just messing around with Woody after racking my brain from studying. Picked up this garbage bin from the dollar store yesterday, thought it would be a good prop for funny pictures like this one. Ok back to studying.

I see you

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nerd Block September 2014

I attended Fan Expo 2014 in Toronto a few weeks ago (speaking of which, I will post some pictures later), I stumbled onto the Nerd Block booth. I have always been somewhat interested in one of these monthly blind box type services ever since I've known about Loot Crate (US-based). Turns out Nerd Block is Canada-based and so I decided to try a month of subscription from them since this month also turned out to be their 1 year anniversary so I thought maybe it will be pretty cool!

I subscribed shortly after the show, although if I did it at the show, I would have gotten a Guardians of the Galaxy POP! Vinyl figure (although Groot was all gone by the time I was there). The package came promptly on the 15th of the month, I guess since I live in Toronto I basically get it on the day of.

Nerd Block September 2014

The total price of the box including shipping was just a little over $30, so I was expecting some goodies in this box. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with a Guardians of the Galaxy T-shirt with a mixtape graphic. I knew the shirt would be GOTG specific, but was hoping it would be Groot-related (I AM GROOT). The quality of the shirt is sort of cheap, it feels really thin, but whatever. Other stuff included a Marvel Megabloks blind pack (which I already have the whole set of), a STD plushy, a scribblenaut unmasked blind pack figure, a stress reliever in the shape of a brain (with 1 year anniversary for Nerd Block printed on it), and a papercraft TMNT set.

Nerd Block September 2014

So what is my opinion on this type of service (specifically Nerd Block)?

It's not worth it. I could think of many other ways to spend my $30 that I would enjoy much more. Hell I could have gotten the Figuarts Android 18 for $30 recently on I get the surprise of not knowing what you are getting is part of the excitement, and oh ya it was for me as well. But the feeling after that I basically paid $30 for a bunch of random junk just sucks. So I promptly canceled my subscription afterwards.

Oh ya, here's a picture of the scribblenaut figure that I got...the quality is so bad it's funny lol!

Monday, September 15, 2014

MMPR Display #2 Completed!

I have finally completed my Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers display #2. This display consists of the more recent releases of MMPR toys. The rangers are all from the S.H.Figuarts line, the Megazord and Dragonzord obviously are from the Bandai Legacy line. Ever since the release of the first Figuarts MMPR ranger, I've envisioned this display, and now it's finally completed!

MMPR Shelf 2

The reason I say this is my MMPR display #2 is because above this one is #1 which contains the older 8" figures and the 5" flip-head figures along with the Chogokin Megazord.

MMPR display

I can finally say I am done with the MMPR merchandise in my collection!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New toy!

Since I decided to go back to school, I needed a vehicle to get to school. I could have commuted, like I did in my undergrad, but I HATED it! The flexibility of having my own car is well worth the money. And considering that I don't have classes everyday and am still working part-time, I had to have a vehicle for transportation. I still have my bike, but that can only last until winter time. Oh by the way, I took this picture after changing the oil and giving her a nice shower! She hasn't look this clean in...ever!

After her clean!

While deciding on a vehicle, I had Subaru in mind because two of the main criteria I have in selecting the new vehicle is a) It must be AWD (the winters here require that), and b) It must have good ground clearance (again, the amount of snow here requires that). So it basically narrowed down to the SUV's. Long story short, I ended up choosing the 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek in none other than ORANGE! Woo! My favourite color is orange and I never thought I'd have a car in orange too! I had to wait about 5 weeks since I placed the order since this color isn't very popular here so there were none of this model in the whole of Canada. It ended up being shipped all the way from Japan. And finally after 5 weeks of she is!


I've had her for two weeks and so far she's been great. Comfortable, good on gas, really grippy stock tires (we had a couple of torrential downpours in the last two weeks), and I am friggin' glad I opt for the sunroof because I absolutely LOVE it! It is open pretty much all the time unless it's raining. I prefer having both windows down and sunroof open, it almost feels like I am riding the bike like this!