Sunday, September 11, 2011

F4U Corsair Fighter Plane

I've been meaning to pick up an RC plane all summer and I finally did 2 weeks back. I picked up the Parkzone F4U Corsair from their Ultra-micro park flyer series. These run for about $100 for the Bind-N-Fly version (for those with a controller already) and about $140 for the Ready-to-fly version. Both versions come with a battery charger and one battery pack. Although the charger it comes with is DC and requires 4 AAA's (also included) to provide juice to the lithium polymer battery.


Even after making the purchase for this plane, I was too nervous to fly it right away so I practice on my RealFlight simulator for a while first. After 2 weeks of practicing here and there, I decided that it was time!

The box also acts as a carry case which can carry the plane (with styrofoam protection to secure it so it doesn't flop around inside the box), battery charger, 3 batteries, and the controller (only the one that comes with the RTF version).

Long story short, it got windy real quick and because of the light weight of the plane, it was very hard to control. But also because of the light weight of the plane, the landings (or shall I say crashes) were also less damaging. I also try to steer it towards patches of grass for its crash landings...but sometimes that was just impossible before I crash. After several attempts of taking off and landing...just when it was taking of the landing wheels flew off! I decided to call it a day and wait until a less windy day.



  1. Can you buy a replacement wheel??

  2. Ya there's replacement parts for any part of the plane, even the whole body and wings haha. I might just end up taking off the wheels and land on grass.