Saturday, December 15, 2012

You can never have too many zombies...!

After checking out several Toysrus and coming up empty-handed with S.L.U.G. Zombies figures (sigh...why can't we ever get the good stuff up here!?). I scoured Ebay for some, these things are being scalped like crazy on there! I saw 3 of those 3-packs from the Xmas series going for $60! I managed to score a lot of loose figures (series 2 & 4 I believe) for just a little over a buck each, which is not bad. I only have doubles for 2 out of the total 14 figures so that's a plus.

ARGHHH!!! I am sooo addicted to these little figures...want the Xmas packs sooo baaad!!!

Anyways, here's my favourite from the lot. This one seems to be different from the others because it has a hole in the bottom, can possibly be used as a pencil topper? And it's a zombie in three boxes! It's so weird and awesome at the same time haha


Another one of my favs from the lot...funkaay!!

Then I experiment with cranking up the macro-ness on my lens...and here are the results. It's not as crisp as the other pictures yet...but I am working on it!

I just love the expression on this guy!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I think I just fell into another addiction after getting the MODOK vs. Akuma Minimates set. I picked up 2 more sets on Friday and I've been playing with them non-stop even though I am down with a cold right now. I think the coolest part about these little figures are that their parts are interchangeable. I didn't even know until last night that the Iron man figure I got has a Tony Stark head under his helmet, same with Spiderman. It adds to the fun since I can mix and match the parts easily to create some funny characters. The articulation is not bad for these little figures as well, it has enough to recreate some fighting poses. And lastly the fact that some of these include awesome effect parts just tops it all off! Now I have the itch to hunt for more!!! Arghh!!! Ultimate Spiderman JCH_8748 JCH_8749 JCH_8750 JCH_8751

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fast Pigs

Sooo glad I picked up two of these when I was in the states, I've never seen them on the shelves here in Canada!

Speed Pigs

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Time

Futurama style!

These are little fixed-pose figures from Toynami's tineez line. I got this set many moons ago and have not seen a Series 2 for this yet. I hope they are continuing with the line because I love these guys! They look so happy!

Here's Robot Devil...
[Futurama] Robot Devil

and Dr. Zoidberg...
[Futurama] Dr. Zoidberg

Last but not least, what is a party without Bender?!
[Futurama] Bender

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Little figures

Hit up a Toysrus today since I haven't been to one after coming back from Boston. The first thing I noticed when I walked into our good old Canadian Toysrus is that it's very small compared to the two Toysrus I went to in Boston. I was actually seeing if they had any SLUG zombies since I am addicted to those things but getting them shipped from the states make them not worth it because the price becomes out of the range I am willing to pay for them. Unfortunately I couldn't find any of them.

I did end up getting my first pack of Minimates and a pair of blind packed Playmobil figures. I also got another pack of Mega Bloks Mario Kart figure, but then I just got another Yoshi figure.

Love the colors on this guy...

I am really impressed with the quality of these Playmobil blind pack figures. I actually only become interested in these after seeing LEon over at Open the Toy review them. Out of all the blind packs in this price range, I think these ones are the best value and quality. I will definitely be picking up some more of these!

The blog that influenced me to finally pick up my first set of Minimates is Why Did I Buy That Toy?. I always see Minimates reviews on this blog and I was curious about them so I decided to finally check them out and I was not disappointed!

I really liked that Akuma came with the purple flame, really adds to the whole look. I will probably pick up more Minimates in the future, but only specific characters.

I saw this Minimates MODOK and I knew I had to have it, he looks so cute! I am surprised these Minimate figures come with clear effect parts too.