Thursday, September 22, 2011

Army Builders

Toys'R'Us got a buy one get one for $1 sale going on for all Marvel Universe, Star Wars, and GIJoe figures. I decided to go there today hoping to find some MU, but they had NOTHING! Not even one MU figure in sight! Star Wars was pretty cleaned out as well. But I was surprised to see that the GIJoe figures were freshly restocked! LOL!

I picked up several of the army building figures that I've been interested in for a while to test out if I want to get several more of them later. Low-light is the only non-army builder, I remember seeing a fellow blogger talk about this one and I've wanted it ever since, sorry but I forgot who it was.



  1. Love the Alley Vipers! They are some of my favorite Cobra troops next to the standard Vipers.

  2. Low Light is a great figure!Be careful,try not to lose his bullet!

  3. @jboypacman: Ya the Alley Vipers are packed with so much awesome! Love all the accessories these guys come with too!

    @actionfig: LOL! I didn't even notice the bullet until I read your reply! I was thinking what bullet? when I was examining the bullet pack and then I was like ohhhh...this bullet LOL

  4. Ha!Yeah i though that was the coolest accessory(in terms of originality).It's funny but years from now if anyone wants to sell there Low Light figure with a missing bullet it will be considered 99% complete LOL!