Monday, November 11, 2013


This is Alexander from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled. I actually don't know anything on this character/robot. When I saw the promo pictures, it looked so cool that I just had to have it. Funny thing was when this item was released on Amiami (I preordered it on there), they updated the product pictures with something that looks very different from the promo pictures. In the promo pics, the white was a lot more brighter than this one, the new pics showed a more yellowish white. The figure also had less details than the original promo pics. Seeing this, I contacted Amiami to ask if I can cancel the order for this figure because it looked so different from the original pics (which was up when I preordered it). Unfortunately, Amiami did not allow me to cancel it, so I reluctantly paid for it and received it several weeks later.

Since I was busy with cycling and motorcycling in the summer, I didn't really check this toy out until now. Fortunately, I have to say that I am glad I got the figure in the end. The color wasn't off, it was just the pictures from Amiami had a wrong white balance setting making the white look yellow (I actually just had to go back to my picture and adjust the white balance on it too). Hmm interesting note, I just checked Amiami's site and it looks like they've corrected the white balance on their set of pictures too.

It came with TONS of parts like his guns, hand blades, and the coolest part is he can "transform" (not like Transformers, more like parts swapping) into this weird creepy but awesome looking insect robot thingamajig. The figure is extremely articulated which makes posing it a blast.

But for today, I will only show a picture of its humanoid robot mode...more to come tomorrow!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Transformers Grimwing

It has been a while since I bought any Transformers toy. I've been eyeing some of the Beast Hunters stuff, but never picked them up since they weren't on top of the to-buy list. But there's a nice sale going on right now for the Beast Hunter voyager class toys so I'll be on the hunt for several of them this week. I picked this guy up yesterday. I am a huge fan of Beasts Wars, so this was somewhat along that line as well. The colors on this figure is very vibrant that he just pops out at me on display. Hope I'll be able to grab the other ones I want during this sale too!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

OOO's Putotyra

This is my favourite Figuarts figure in the Kamen Rider OOO's line. It's the most powerful form of Kamen Rider OOO called Putotyra. This Kamen Rider uses coins with animal symbols on them to transform. Each combo is comprised of three animals. Putotyra is an ancient form comprised of three dinosaurs: Ptera (Pterodactyl), Torikera (Triceratops), Tyranno (Tyrannosaurus Rex). In the show, this form was pretty much unstoppable and even out of control sometimes.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Den-O Liner Form

I haven't finished the Den-O series yet, I've been on and off it for a while now. I like it more than I expected because I've always thought Den-O would be very cheesy. But after watching several episodes, I am starting to like it.

This here is Den-O Liner form, there's so many forms of Den-O that I don't know which is which anymore. All I know is he looks friggin' cool!

Den-O Liner Form

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Form

Let's turn away from my recent boring posts and get back to the good stuff!

This figure here is my most recent haul, he's a Kamen Rider named Wizard and this is his "Infinity" form which I think is his most powerful form. I broke my regular tradition with Kamen Rider figures with this Wizard series though. Starting from the Kiva series, I've pretty much got all the forms of each Kamen Rider in each series. But Wizard was an exception. The show was alright, I haven't even finished watching it yet. But the forms all looked too similar, in addition, they were almost all exclusives which brought their prices in the range which I wasn't willing to spend. Luckily my favourite form of Wizard, Infinity, was a regular release so I decided to just get this figure for this series.

The Kamen Rider series going on now is called Gaim. I was skeptical of this series because I am 99% sure his henshin belt was inspired by Fruit Ninja LOL! It looks retarded. But after watching only two episodes of this series, I know I am going to fall in love with this one. The fruity colors with the totally weird story is surprisingly fun and addicting!

Anyways, here's Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Form!
Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Ordeal (Final Update!)

I received a package from on Wednesday, it contained the Transformers that I ordered. They were in good condition and the instructions were included. As I figured, it was shipped on the 24th of this month, right after I posted on their Facebook wall. Now the thing is, I ordered these on September 24th/29th, which was a month from before it was shipped. It only took a week to arrive from when it was shipped.

I saw a notice on their site that the contact form on their site is not working and that was what I was using to contact them with. I always like to think the good side of things and would like to think this was the reason I did not get a reply from my multiple emails. However, that does not excuse the fact that they did not ship it for a month. And who knew if it would have ever gotten shipped if I didn't contact them on Facebook?

So decide for yourself if this is a shop you can trust with your money.

I personally am going to stay away from them from now on since it's the second time I have experienced this sort of issue with them. On the first time, I thought maybe it was just a coincidence and maybe they just missed my order. But when it happened a second time, that's it for me.

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