Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disco Cleveland

From a downtown shoot yesterday.
Disco Cleveland

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Revoltech Danboard Re-release!

Go get them at HLJ now before they are all gone! I've been wanting one of these for a long time and have missed out on several occasions (most recent was last night on Amiami). But I found out HLJ still had them in stock and now I am doing the happy dance!

GET YOUR Revoltech Danboard at HLJ!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nostalgic haul

Bought these figures from a local seller for a super good deal! They calculate to be $2.50 each! It's too bad the symbol on Red's chest was covered with white-out (don't know why anyone would do that), actually I wonder if I can find any repro-decals for him? I have a question for you guys though, who is the black suit ranger on the far right??? Now I just need a Green ranger of similar size and this set will be complete!


And then I also received my package from HLJ on the same day! Purchased from their Transformers sale last month! I finally have these guys!!! Rachet and Lockdown were actually shelf warmers here and for some reason I didn't buy them all those times and then when I decided I was going to go for the whole TFA collection, they were never seen again! Starscream is a hard to find one here though, and man these are my first Takara Tomy TF's and they are so beautiful!!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Another member to the fleet...

This just came in the mail today, a 250 size electric heli, just gotta wait for the rest of the parts to come to get it up and going! Summer can't come fast enough!


CF and alloy goodness...mmmmm

The stock body has gotta go just doesn't match the sexiness of the chassis LOL

Saturday, March 5, 2011

RC haul

Finally picked up the Tamiya Avante I preordered a while ago (I got my name on one once I knew they were releasing this guy). It's truly a beautiful piece of machinery, carbon fibre chassis, tons of alloy parts, alloy oil shocks, includes a full set of ball bearings. I really like the sleek body style of this buggy, it just looks fast sitting there. Totally worth the wait and dollars!

Also picked up a little Blade Tandem RTF was a good deal!

The helicopter is a RTF model, it includes everything needed to fly including the transmitter, batteries for the transmitter, charger, and one battery. Additional batteries are $10 each, I got 2 extra for continuous play. Charge time takes about 30 minutes.

All RC micro helis don't look pretty under the body, there is basically only a skinny structure for mounting the electronics.

Since this is a coaxial rotor design, the heli is very easy to fly. It basically constantly stabilizes itself. So it is very hard to screw up on a coaxial heli. But with this design, the directional inputs are less reactive, which is great for beginners.

Once you get it up in the air, you can take your hands off the controller and it will just hover there.

I also love my D7000!!! I could never have taken these pictures with my old camera. These pics were taken by the D7000 + 35mm @ f1.8. The focusing was fast and these pics came out really sharp!

The only advantage I see in flying a coaxial is learning the directional controls since it allows a lot of room for errors. But since I've already played with other helis, this one got boring real quick. However, it still looks cool so it's still a bit fun. I would never go with a single rotor coaxial heli though...THAT would be boring. This on the other hand is much more fun to fly!

It's a Blade MSR, a micro fixed pitch heli. It is much more reactive and quicker than the Tandem. It is also amazingly durable, I've crashed this thing many many times into the wall. shelf, myself, anywhere you can think of and I have yet to replace ANY parts at all.

Oh well, for the price I got this for, it's still a fun heli to mess around with time to time. Plus, I could let some beginners try it out and it should get them addicted to it easier than a fixed pitch heli since it's a lot easier to get up and flying!

The Tamiya Avante will be built after I finish a few RC's that I've been holding off for a while. You will see all the delicious goodness of the build here when I build it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

More Glass

Picked up the 35mm f1.8 tonight...that's it for a while...I swear...BUT MAN this lens is great for indoor shots! The focal length is just perfect for indoors, the 50 is a bit on the tight side, but still good for photographing toys. This lens also looks much sharper wide open compared to the 50. Decided to get a filter to protect it too, makes me feel much better when using it. Maybe I should get one for the 50 too.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marvel Select Juggernaut V2

Picture V2 I mean...hahaha!