Monday, July 27, 2009

Upgrading the track (Part 2 - Layout)

Whipped up something quick to get an idea of the track layout and other supports that will be needed.

The second row from the top is beneath the straightaway. The total length of the straightaway is about 30 feet. This layout actually uses up most of my track pieces except for 8 corner pieces.

Upgrading the track (Part 1)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Upgrading the track (Part 1)

Purchased a bunch of wood and supplies in the afternoon today and started on the newest project. The plan is to have the straightaway on a second level so the space under it could also be used for the track. Have been thinking about this forever, was just drawing up the plans and thinking of the most viable way. At first I thought of using chains to suspend the track from the ceiling, but after a visit to the local hardware store, the chains alone ended up costing too much. This new design utilizes wood beams for all the supports which is much cheaper and stable than chains. It also has a second function that will be integrated later on. Can't wait to finish it and see the final product!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SDCC Updates

Please head over to for all the updates on the upcoming new toys!


I am so excited for the upcoming Marvel Legends! I see a lot that I want there.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Repaint: ROTF Sideswipe (Part 4)

Just finished assembling Sideswipe. Paint-wise is pretty much finish, maybe add a bit of details on the emblems and then another clear coat. The sad news is I screwed up this guy right at the end. Accidentally used wrong length screws for the front glass piece that attaches to the top of the vehicle mode. Resulted in two slight circle bumps on the top of the car...still kicking myself for doing that. And just when I got the red to the finish I want too...*sign*. The good news is that I only display my TF's in robot mode, so that part is hidden. But still, even noone else sees it, I still know I screwed up!

Note to self: Mark down which screws goes where on the next project.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Lolin'

*Warning: Video contains harsh language*

Check out this parody-summary-thingy of ROTF. It basically summarizes what happened in the movie in a parody sort of way LOL
For those of you that haven't watched ROTF though, this does contain spoilers.

Transformers: Revenge of the Lolin' on Newgrounds

Friday, July 17, 2009


Took a break from Transformers today and built my Giroro Robo MK2. I already finished Kururu's and Keroro's robo before. Still have Dororo's and Tamama's to build. For the previous robo's, I have only hand brushed some of the unpainted parts. But this time, I want to try painting the whole kit. Will continue next week.

And yes, I was watching Watchmen while building this kit...and I still had no idea what it was about after the movie LOL

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Repaint: ROTF Skids (Part 2)

Masked off, sanded, primed, and painted the vehicle mode for Skids during the last few days. This shade of blue turned out a little lighter than I'd imagined, but I sort of like the look. The good thing is this time the paint came out much better and the finish is much smoother than on Sideswipe. I must have sanded and resprayed the red on Sideswipe at least 5 times already. Sideswipe just received its first clear coat today, so I will have to wait for it to cure and then I will add a few more coats. After that it would be sanded and polished again.

ROTF Ravage

Here's the ROTF Ravage. When I first saw him in the preview pictures, I knew that I have to get him. I have always love robotic animals, especially felines. It's probably because I start off in the Beast Wars era.

The only downside to this toy is his vehicle mode, it makes him look like he is in some kind of ballet move in midair. The robot mode looks great though, the only thing I would like is a ball joint on the neck instead of its "snapping jaws" gimmick.

As for the repaint, I'd thought I go do something different. I don't really like repainting a figure to its original colors unless that's how it looks best. I like to experiment. And yes, in the end the colors might not match and the result might not look what I had imagine. But the fun is in the process for me.

So does anyone else think this Ravage would make a great Transmetal Cheetor?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Repaint: ROTF Sideswipe (Part 3)

Did some more work on the red parts today and partially assembled Sideswipe. The finish on the red is much better now, but still not what I am looking for. Will wetsand and add a few more coats on top tomorrow.

Also was having trouble remembering how to put him back together lol. With the help of desmond's pictures, I was able to assemble up to here. The rest will be put together when I am satisfied with the red color. I don't think it would have been this much work to get the finish I want if I didn't mess up on the base coating. Won't happen again on my next repaint!

This still needs some touching up on a few details though.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade x Shinkenger

This week's new episode consists of Decade in the Shinkenger world! What an awesome combination! Can't wait to see the next one!

New Display Case

Got a good deal on an IKEA Detolf display case from a friend of mine today. Now it's display along with my original Detolf.

Time to stock it up

Results. I openned 12 toys that I kept NIB, what a great feeling to Open The Toy! I left an empty slot for future additions of Transformers Animated stuff. One for Autobots and one for Decepticons. TFA is still my favourite line at the moment although I don't have a lot of them yet.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today's Haul

Wave 3 just arrived here and I picked up the last Ravage at the local store. Also, finally found a Wave 1 BB! It was the last one at the store too! Both will be getting a repaint as well.

Our Animated Leader class are on sale from $59.99 to $19.98 at Toys R'Us! Too bad I didn't see Ultra Magnus, he's pretty rare here.

Repaint: ROTF Sideswipe (Part 2.1)

Tried several layers of smoke today, I really like the effect.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Repaint: ROTF Sideswipe (Part 2)

I am still messing around with different combination of paints to test out the effects. Airbrushing is really fun and it just makes me want to paint more and more!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Repaint: ROTF Sideswipe (Part 1)

Never was a fan of silver cars, so I want to do a G1 repaint for Sideswipe.

The finish on the largest piece is not as good as I'd hope for. Turns out it was because I didn't thin the paint enough for my airbrush. Did the other pieces today with 1:1 paint-to-thinner ratio and the paint came out much smoother. The finish is definitely better. More work on the body after I let the paint cure for a few days. Tomorrow I will be painting the robotic parts.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ROTF Sideswipe

Finally got Sideswipe, there was only 2 of them at the store; one was hidden in the back and the other was up on the top shelf. Still haven't been able to spot Bumblebee yet though.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Repaint: ROTF Soundwave (Part 4 - Assembled)

Well I finally assembled Soundwave. Some accidents did happen during assembly, so I will have to do one more final touch-up before I call it done. To be honest, I am not too happy with it. But since it is my first transformers repaint, I'll cut myself some slack. Will improve on the next one!

Repaint: ROTF Skids (Part 1)

Starting some prep work on Skids that I forgot to do on Soundwave: cleaning up the plastic flashings! Still deciding on what green I want to go with on him. There is two shades of green, one for the vehicle "panels" and the other for the robotic parts of him. For the robotic components, I plan on using a darker green and for the car panels, a brighter green; exact shade not decided yet. Then just the normal metallic treatment on the grey plastic parts. However I haven't figure out how to repaint the skids design on the side of the car after covering it with paint.