Friday, September 30, 2011

September Amiami Haul

Received this massive package from Amiami today. Luckily I didn't get taxed this time. I picked up 3 sets of candy toys which killed me on the shipping for this package. They were on sale and I've always been curious about what they were so I bought them, only to find out that the shipping were about $35 per case! No wonder why they had to put these on sale, at the original price plus shipping, these would be a lot of $$$. I figured oh well since I had other stuff coming as well, why not?

I got this one first...

then grabbed these two after...

I actually grabbed the first set on impulse, then grabbed the other two after finding out they had "lights & sounds" that the first one didn't have. I am really looking forward to opening and checking these ones out. I will review them this weekend.

Then I also picked up several figma Dragon Knight figures since they were sooooo cheap, I didn't hoard them though, only grabbed the ones I like. I really liked how the joints on these figures are hidden as if the figure is in a suit.

Although to be able to add these to your cart on Amiami, there's a trick (I think not everyone knows about this hence they are still in stock). When you open the page for these figures, the status will show "In stock", but there's no Add to cart button. But just click on "View all pictures" and voila! The Add to cart button is now there! Okay, let's see how long it will be before they really go out of stock this time.

And luckily I was able to grab one of the SHF Ryuki with his mirror monster. This is one very special set as I think it is the first time a SHF figure come with this big accessory.


  1. Nice haul! Now with those candy/toys are they all different in each box or is there a overlap of figures?

  2. Thanks, there are only 3 unique toys in each set (shown on their box).

  3. Where can i find these figures?They remind me of the old ULTRAMAN show i used to watch as a kid LOL ;)

  4. You can find them on Amiami, a Japan based store:

    These are actually Kamen Riders, they actually did several Ultraman figures already. If you do a search on my blog for Ultraman, you should be able to find them.