Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Toy cars

Picked up a few Hotwheels tonight. I really like these updated packaging with the actual car art on the front. The old ones I have all had the same generic card art.

Regarding Hotwheels collecting, I just collect whatever I see and like. I don't keep up with the latest release or anything. I have a small set of HW that I have open and have on my shelf. But due to limited shelf space, I have about 30 cars still in their cards. With the older ones that have the generic art, I decided to just staple them together vertically with only the car in the plastic bubble showing. I know that is probably a stupid way to display them as it degrades the value of them. But I never intended on reselling any of them so it doesn't matter to me. However, with these newer packaging, I can't bring myself to staple them like I did with the generic packaging. So I have to think of a way to display them. I don't want to use pins either since these are small items and I would end up with a dozen holes on my walls. Will probably go with a setup similar to how Little Plastic Man displayed his Joes.

I just looked through the 2009 line and there's 10 others that I want to get. Time to start hunting!


  1. Hotwheels toys are always affordable. Plus it is diecast!!

  2. I just noticed all of my other Hotwheels are '07 or before. I only have an Audi R8 that is from '08. Then these 4 for '09. Now that the card art is so beautiful, I think I might be getting more HW's in the future.

  3. The Javelin is cool - I have it in black from the exclusive K-Mart release.

  4. @Bubbashelby: I was just checking out your Hotwheels on your blog and you have some really cool pieces. I especially love the Batman stuff! I have a few sets of Batman HW too, but what I really like are the bikes (which I don't have)!

    @LPM: Ya I find it really cool that HW decided to do individual artwork for each one too.