Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haul of today

Finally! My T-28's arch enemy is here! Will do a photoshoot of it with T-28 tomorrow. I got two sets of tires for my Mini-Z's (RC cars), one for the road car (Ferrari FXX) and the other for the F1. F1 parts are hard to come by because they are not very popular here, so the tires were a good find, especially since they are a soft racing compound.

Got some tools too, related to RC's for my use, so it's in the haul haha. Got a 17mm socket for my nitro car wheel nuts from the hardware store for $4. I was at a hobby shop earlier looking for a 17mm wrench and found that they were $30! That's $26 saved right there. Some stuff in RC's can actually be found commonly, but the RC industry overprices them way too much. The other tool set is a MasterCraft GraBit. It is used to remove screws with damaged screw heads.

Another RC project I am currently working on is a HPI RS4 Pro 2 onroad chassis. It is a vintage chassis that no longer has any part support. I am not exactly sure when it was released, but I remember seeing it in a magazine when I got my first RC, I think around 9 years ago. But at that time, the chassis was considered as a top of the line professional racing chassis and I remember it was going for about $400 for just the chassis alone. At the age, I of course could not afford it. Fast-track to about 5 years later, I was in a checking out a hobby shop and saw someone bring this kit in for consignment. I purchased it on the spot, not risking to lose another opportunity.

The chassis is in alright condition, just in need of some cleaning. But some screws in the chassis have ruined screw heads and hence I need this GraBit kit to remove them.

Oh ya and of course I got the paint needed for the Kyosho HOR!


  1. nice catch ^^,, what revoltech is this ??

  2. It's Black Ox, he's got some accessories to go together with T-28 too.

  3. I can't wait to see the Black Ox photos, I've been thinking about purchasing one myself.

  4. woow...same like chunky was said... I want to see the black ox ^^

  5. I had the HPI RS4 Pro2 back in the day! That, along with a David Jun Edition Tamiya TA03 and several others. You will be surprised how many newer HPI parts are compatible with the older chassis.

    btw nice blog - I love toys as well!

  6. Thanks itcrashed! Do you by any chance know what parts from the new HPI models are compatible with the Pro2? I emailed HPI about the Sprint because I thought they look extremely alike and I got the answer that none of the parts are compatible! It is hard to believe because of their similiarity though.

    Btw I checked out your blog, nice F104! Do you have a F103? Hope to see more pics of your 104 build on your blog!