Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TF2: ROTF a MUST watch!!!

For a better review, check out deSMOnd Collection and The Stormtrooper Effect .

My thoughts: The movie was awesome, there were a lot of action scenes. Soundwave sucked. Sideways sucked even more. What I am most surprised is that Wheelie is some type of Tamiya RC car. Thought he was a Tamiya Hi-Lift F350 at first, the body looks like it was from that, but the axles looked like they were from the TLT. The chassis is definitely not Hi-Lift, it was running some 4-link setup like a crawler. The chassis looked familiar, but I can't recall what it is on top of my head. Lastly Skids and Mudflap were PURE AWESOME!!!

Before the movie, I wasn't that interested in the rotf toy line. I only got Soundwave because he looked cool. Now I want a BB, Skids, and Mudflap!


  1. Seems like skids and mudflap are the

  2. thanks for the plug bro!!!!

    and i loved wheelie...the way he was humping mega fox's leg....hilarious!!!

    and i want skids and mudflap too!!! glad they didn't get killed by devastator..i thought they died when watching the trailer....

  3. Yes Jcee, go and get some ROTF toys especially Optimus Prime, Jetfire, Sideswipe and Sideways, etc. They are amazing figures!!