Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photoshoot: Revoltech Black Ox

(Click pics for enlarge version)

Finally did a photoshoot for my new Revoltech Black Ox figure. This is one of my longer photoshoots, I had a total of 89 pictures from the shoot, but of course only a handful were usable. A majority of the time was spent posing and switching parts on the figure. Revoltechs are good for their poseability, but making them stand by themselves is sometimes a hard task.

First off, let's start off with the mandatory box shots.


I really like this figure because I have always liked simple designed robots.

There are not many details on the figure, he's just a sleek black machine.

The interesting difference between the Black Ox and T28 are at the hands. The hands on the T28 are attached via mini Revoltech joints. On Black Ox, the hands have pegs which goes into the hole on the wrists. This limits the wrist motion, but I like this way better because it makes switching the hands much easier.

Articulation wise, it is the same as T28 with the exception of the hand/wrist joint as stated above.

Black Ox is very strong...

Jet-pack power!

Can see how serious they look...

The following contents may contain violence and partial robot nudity. Parental discretion is advised.


Well that's the end of the shoot. This one had more violence than any other of my shoots. But all the exposed robotic pieces were just begging to be in the shoot too. The only one I didn't get to use was the leg piece on the Black Ox because I couldn't pull the Revoltech joint out of the original piece.

Anyways, this figure is a MUST-GET for those who already have T28 and is thinking about this one, or just anyone that likes the design of this robot!

You can check out my Revoltech Tetsujin-28 review here.


  1. That's awesome photos! It look so glossy like metal the skin!

  2. Thanks! I am going to review a few other Revoltechs this coming week, still have 5 new ones to open!

  3. Take your time bro. Dont one shot post all on one day else i got nothing to read the other day. :P

  4. great shot...I like both of them ^^