Monday, June 22, 2009

RC updates

The parts I got last week includes a pinion gear set for my Tamiya Tamtech Buggy Champ. I had a 11T pinion gear on the 9200kv Dynamite C4 motor in this buggy. There was too much torque and not enough speed. So I swapped it up to a 14t and tested it out, the increase in speed was very noticeable, torque was less, but there was still plenty of that to spare. With the increased speed, something was prone to happen and it did after testing the buggy for about 5 minutes. I crashed it into a corner of a curb and broke the rear suspension mount. Now I have to wait for replacement again!

Another thing I noticed was how hot the motor got, it was too hot to touch. So when I get the replacement part for the rebuild, I am going to swap in a 12t pinion instead to slow it down a bit and lower the motor temp.


Last night, I decided to rebuild my Hotbodies Minizilla. It's been sitting around without electronics for a long time. I dug around the workshop and found a set of stock motor and ESC from the Tamtech Buggy Champ above since I changed to a brushless setup. To make a long story short, I was disappointed with the speed, maybe because I am too used to brushless power. The bad thing is that this truck has bad gears that cannot handle too much power, and there is no upgrade to fix that problem. Therefore, I didn't want to put in too much power because another thing is that the parts support for this truck is poor. I am pretty sure this truck is discontinued already.

Anyways, after running it for about 30 seconds with the stock motor, I went back to the workshop and look around to see if there would be any suitable replacement. To my surprise, I found a Mamba-25 brushless ESC in a bag beside the track LOL, seems like there are a lot of treasures in my basement. I had a Feigao long can brushless motor that I got a long time ago just for the Minizilla. It is not an insanely fast motor, think it was around 4000kv, but since it's a long can, it has a lot of torque so I can gear it up. I started off with an 18t pinion and boy was it fast! Of course it isn't even close to the 9200kv in my BC, but for this truck, the speed is just right since the center of gravity for this truck is so tall, it rolls really easily.

The fun in this truck, even though it's not as fast, is seeing the suspension push down from side to side during the turns, balancing on the two side wheels during high speed turns, and the occasional rolls and tumbles. However, after running it for about 5 minutes, the motor got really hot, checked it with my temp gun and it was running at 115F! Swapped it to a 16t and motor temp got much better (can at least touch it for a while), speed was decreased, but the torque made it even more fun to drive. It can wheelie and flip backwards from standstill just from the torque. Another thing that I am experiencing with this setup is cogging since I am using a stock battery pack that came with the RTR Losi Mini-LST. Going to order a few better packs soon.

Pure stock truck except for brushless system. Going to add some goodies on this truck later.

Next-up: Losi Mini-LST Rebuild


  1. Just wondering bro. Have any of your RC wear any tyres out? is there a need to change the tyres?

  2. Ya, eventually the treads will be gone and they will turn into slicks. But I haven't run them enough to turn them bald yet. The ones I change the most are on the Mini-Z's since they are much thinner and the track is very grippy which wears out the tires even faster.