Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tonight's bashing

My dad and I went out for a little bashing even though it looked like it was about to rain and was also very cold outside. Today's bashers are the Tamiya Tamtech Buggy Champ and the Thunder Tiger FM-1e.

I swapped the already fast 800kv brushless motor in my Tamtech for an even faster 9200kv brushless motor. I just wanted to test out the speed increase of the new motor on the Tamtech. It was really fast, but I think it can be pushed a bit harder with higher gearing since the motor wasn't even warm (or maybe it's just because my hands were freezing already). The vids for the Tamtech is not too exciting since it's an offroad buggy running on pavement. Next time I will seek out some dirt to run on. But I did manage to catch this clip when my dad tried it out.

However, as expected from the Tamtech, nothing broke after this crash except for the two little plastic piece on top of the body. They are just secured to the body by little flanges and can be pulled out. These flew right off during the roll, too bad you can't see that in the vid. This Tamtech is one of the strongest RC's I have. The fact that I can drop in the fastest motor available for this scale in the car without upgrading anything is already impressive. I just ordered some aftermarket gears to see if I can squeeze some more speed of it, we will see if the little guy can handle more power.

I also have TONS of footage of my dad driving the bike. But most of them don't last any longer than 10 seconds because most of them end up crashing. This one is the longest and best one. The bikes are VERY fun to drive because they take skill to drive nicely. The side metal guards on this bike is very short, so they don't help much when the bike leans too much because by the time they touch the ground, the bike would have lost its momentum.


  1. THat bike looks so fun to drive! Do they stand by themselves initially, or do you hold them upright and let them go?

  2. Yup, you need to hold them upright and sort of give it a small push while giving some throttle to start it. Therefore, everytime the bike crash, it's a walk across the parking lot. My dad ran all around the lot today LOL

    But for bikes that have longer side railings, they would be able to "spin start" themselves because they sit on the ground at a bigger angle, so when you give it throttle, they would be able to gain momentum from spinning around and standing up by themselves. This is the case with the Silverlit we ran yesterday.

  3. After so many crashes, it still hold up well? Impressive.

  4. Haha I forgot to write that we had to end the run because the bike wouldn't move anymore. Turns out a gear in the drivetrain got loose.

    Actually I guess it cannot be termed as crashing, more like it fell down due to lost of momentum and then sometimes flipping like in the first vid. I have no idea how the bike flipped either. Will post up a vid of it.

  5. Just thinking out loud here but does it do a wheely?

  6. I think with enough torque and traction, it is possible to wheelie on the bike. But that bike in the vid is using quite a weak motor for this size of RC and there were actually some drivetrain problems with it, so it won't wheelie.