Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Week's Build: Kyosho Hang-On-Rider

After the Silverlit bike run last night, I've been thinking in my mind of building up one of my NIB Kyosho HOR's. Right now I am sourcing out the electronics I need for this build. Since I am sort of on a budget, I am looking for cheaper alternative electronics to the commonly used ones. Because of the bike's small size, the electronics have to be quite small, so that's where their price goes up (smaller = more $$$). Another thing I've been tinkering with in my mind is the paint scheme, the bike's construction is mostly styrene, like Gunpla, but more impact resistant. I already thought of one, but won't reveal it until I finish the painting since it might not come out as nice as I hope haha.

Build will be starting on Monday, stay tuned!

Here's a vid of the Kyosho HOR, same concept as the Silverlit, but larger.

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