Sunday, May 3, 2009

TAMIYA-THON #3: Pkw.K1 German Kubelwagen Type 82

For the 3rd day of TAMIYA-THON, I would like to introduce the 1/16 German Kubelwagen which was released at the end of '00. It is a really unique kit because it is essentially a large styrene plastic model kit with the RC aspect integrated into it after. Another unique characteristic of the kit is it includes all the electronics and radio required for the kit. The only extras you would need is a 9V for the controller and 4 AAA's to power the car. These batteries are what you usually see in a non-hobby grade RC. The RC part of this kit is non-hobby grade while the rest is hobby grade in terms of injection molded body and details.

As for mine, it is still NIB after all these years. I bought mine sometime in '05. At that time, this kit was discontinued already, so it was a joy to find it NIB and in such a good condition. I found it during a "Warehouse cleanup" sale at one of the few hobby shops we have here. The shop have been around for a long time since they also do scale trains. So there was a lot of old stock left around. I had a great haul that weekend with tons of parts and another kit (that's for another time).

(Click to enlarge)

Beautiful Tamiya boxart

Sidebox art

This side is interesting, you can see the layout of the electronic components on its "chassis" and the two suggested color schemes. I personally like the gray one more. (Click pic for original size)

Contents, as you can see, it looks just like a plastic model kit with the exception of the radio on the left.

Toy-like stick radio and electronics combo pack at the bottom

I have kept this kit NIB up to now because I am afraid to ruin it when I build it. I am okay with building the kit, but the painting part I am not confident to do. It is also a fragile car because of its 99% styrene construction. So for now, it will stay NIB until I have a nice display case for it and the funds to pay for professional buildup and painting. You can see some pics of the finished product in the Tamiya link below.

Tamiya 1/16 RC Pkw.K1 German Kubelwagen Type 82

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