Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Favourite Action Figure

Sorry for the absence, I haven't been feeling well these past few days. Anyways this post is for entering the contested hosted at Fortress of Testicular Fortitude.

This post is to talk about my favourite figure, which is Spiderman!

So why is he my favourite figure? Firstly, he is the first TV character I got addicted to since I immigrated to Canada around 15 years ago. I remember coming back home from school around 3:30pm and Spiderman was on at 4pm. Since my English wasn't that good in the beginning, I just watched the show because I like the design of Spiderman and how he can swing through streets continuously. As time passed, my English improved and I could understand the storyline of Spiderman. I loved all the characters in Spiderman, even all the villains.

On my eighth birthday, I got a 2-pack of Spiderman and Iceman from my mom. The Spiderman was in its human spider form. I would play with these figures EVERYWHERE.

Well, as years passed, I got into other "Trends" such as POGS, Yoyo's, and Pokemon Cards; so my action figures were neglected. During the move to our new house, a majority of my toys were donated to Salvation Army because I was "too old" for toys.

My interest in "playing" with action figures rekindled when I saw and purchased the Spiderman figure from the first Spiderman movie. I was impressed with the improvement in articulation points (which is my second point) compared to my first Spiderman figure. The figure was able to do poses that my first Spiderman never could even dream of doing. I had this Spiderman on my desk since then and messed around with it every so often.

Around Xmas time last year, I purchased another Spiderman figure. It is the comic version of him and he is my current favourite figure. The articulation joints on my movie Spiderman has gotten all loose from play, so I purchased this as a replacement. I eventually liked this comic version of him more than his movie version because his sculpt looks more like Spidey in my childhood memories. The articulation is even better than the movie Spiderman which makes him very fun to play with. You can find him on my desk anytime!

Onto the pics!

Everyone calls me Spidey!

Recently Spidey is addicted to Pokemon Platinum on the Nintendo DS

Remember to play your DS under sufficient lighting!

Mmmmm...that looks gooood...

He likes to exercise...

He also likes Hotwheels...

Some of his favourite pass-time activities are...





Role-playing: Ultraman

But most important of all, he is still buddies with his Movie Spidey.

The Spider Duo

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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  1. Nice entry Jcee... now I saw your entry, I have doubt of joining the contest as the completion is keen and not to mention no time as today is the deadline. So good luck!

  2. Haha nice spiderman figure, so muscular. XD (and somehow it reminds me of hard gay for some reason.......................................)

  3. Haha thanks guys!

    He's in a different pose everyday on my desk, he's waaay too fun to pose, even my sister likes playing with him lol

  4. I like your photos of Spiderman showing off his multiple poses and 'pastimes' :)

    Good luck to you in the contest!

  5. Jcee, voting starts now! To do so, visit my blog at, and vote via the poll on the middle column.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @LPML: Well, I am not the type of person to vote for myself, but I know who I am voting for! Haha

    @Juliana: I've been reading your site more and more, there's a lot of interesting articles on there, I think I am addicted! lol

  7. Jcee, I need your input on the voting process, thanks: Please see my comment after cedric's, thanks

  8. Great pictures of Spider-man. How did u manage to get him hanging from the lamp?