Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Pics of RERE Rough Rider from the Shizuoka Hobby Show

TamiyaClub member RA1028 have just posted more pics of the RERE Rough Rider! Mmmm...this is too awesome!!!

The use of LiFe battery is an interesting one because I believe it will be the first factory kit to include this battery technology. From what I've read, these are from A123 and one thing I love about those batteries are the incredibly fast charge time. I remember seeing that the packs can be charged in around 10-15 minutes. The only disadvantage is the larger size compared with standard Sub-C cells. However, even though the cell-to-cell size (A123-to-SubC) is larger, the A123 are 3.3V per cell while the SubC's are 1.2V per cell. Another thing is it requires a special charger, which will again up the price of this kit if you are using the included LiFe battery.

Official TamiyaUSA Rough Rider 2009 page

I've always been a fan considering 50% of my collection is Tamiya. But man! Tamiya just stepped it up with this rere Rough Rider! Please give us a nice white background boxart for this too!!!

[EDIT] Just pre-ordered mine through the hobby shop, apparently it's a limited edition. But I am 100% sure they will reuse the chassis for another model sooner or later, they wouldn't waste a mold just on a limited edition of one model.

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