Monday, May 11, 2009

Some updates

My internet haven't been working properly lately, it's been on and off for the whole week, very annoying. So sometimes when I want to add comments, I would type a bunch of stuff and then get an error...*sign*

I also rearranged my room, been wanting to do this for a while, I am surprised how big it feels now LOL

(Click to enlarge)

Also got my package from Dealextreme today. For those of you that are not familiar with DX, it's basically an online store that sells pretty much anything for cheap. They have free shipping too to add on top of that. I got some stuff that I will be experimenting with in my pictures in the future and I got an 8-diopter add-on lens for my camera. It was only $10 and I wanted to play around with it. It is pretty fun, but I really have to experiment with it more because it narrows down the depth of field a lot and it's hard to focus. But I can get some pretty neat macros with some nice detail and some distortion around the edges. Oh well, fun for $10!


  1. Wow you actually have a table and set up for toy photography. How I envy you.

  2. It's actually just my study desk with a box on it LOL