Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marvel Universe Wave 5

Source: Marvelous News

- Guardian
- Spider-Man
- Sub-Mariner (Black Trunks)
- Silver Centurion Iron Man

I really like the Guardian so I am probably going to pick him up. Namor looks alright, I like the classic look more. As for Spiderman, one important aspect of any Spiderman figure for me is articulation, and the MU ones are lacking in that department. Not sure about ANOTHER Wave 1 Iron Man repaint and to add, only change in gold to silver?!? But I will probably get it anyways because I want to collect 4" Iron Man figures since I can start from scratch (Unlike 6" where a lot of them are discontinued and $$$ now).

Talking about 4" IM's, I think Hasbro is going to be doing a lot of them for the IM2 movie just like for Wolverine Origins. Can't wait to see some news on them!


  1. The spidey head look too round for me and the blue so chrome looking? Ironman look skinny too. But that is just the photo, actual product may be better. Cross your fingers bro.

  2. The Guardian looks cool, but then will it mean the rest of Alpha Flight be made? If so, then be prepared to set aside more savings for the team :P

    I read that the classic looking Namor will be coming out in a SDCC 09 box set with 3 other figures.

    I'm still waiting to complete my MU Fantastic Four team. When will the remaining 2 members be released...?

  3. @Juliana: I actually don't know anything about the Guardian, I just like the Canadian theme costume haha

    Did you get the variant Human Torch too?

    @LEon: Both the Wave 1 and Wave 3 Ironmans are skinny. It seems like the designers forgot the fact that Ironman is an armor, not a costume. By the way, there is a variant for the Wave 1 Spiderman in its darker comic colors.