Thursday, May 14, 2009

Continuing my Hotshot build: Part 1

This is another Tamiya rerelease I purchased back in 2007. I started the build, got mid-way and stopped because school was starting again. Another reason why I stopped the build was that I didn't have the electronics for i (I still don't though).

Maybe it's the rerelease of the Rough Rider that got me excited to finish this kit again or something. But shortly after I started assembling it, I ran into a tiny problem. On step #33, the A1 piece that goes between the two piece rollcage (near the bottom) is defective. Something occurred in the molding process which warped my A1 piece. The good thing is that it is technically just a tubular piece, so it is not that difficult to fabricate a replacement for.

I will update my progress of this build on here. For today, this is what I've done.



[EDIT] As requested by LEon, a picture of the driver with crazy eyes...I think it's more like misplaced eyes now LOL (or maybe he just have major eyebags from the long drive)


  1. The driver already painted when it comes?

  2. Oh no, I painted him, he got my signature crazy eyes too LOL

  3. show that crazy eyes photo bro. LOL

  4. OMG LOL after I took a picture of it, I think I drew his eyes in the wrong place. The details didn't show up to my naked eye, but I just snapped the pic with my 8X macro lens and it showed my mistake clear as day LOL

    Will update this thread with the picture haha

  5. but he look alright to me Jcee. if I will to do it, it will be worst. LOL