Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen: Soundwave

The ROTF Soundwave and Bumblebee have been released here at several Walmarts at the start of this week. Apparently they aren't suppose to be on sale until the 30th, but some stores already have them put out. The one I went to only had a BB on the pegs, I found out the rest of them hidden on the top shelf (the advantage of being tall haha).

I've seen pics of the pre-released Soundwave and was pretty sure I was going to pass on it because I thought it was going to be an ultra size. I prefer deluxe size figures because of my limited room and limited budget. I usually wait until there's a sale before buying TF's, all my TF Animated and Universe are purchased when they were on sale. This Soundwave is the first one that I got at full price ($18cdn) because I just had to have it when I saw it. I passed on BB because the one I want is the Alternator style one. Anyways here's a short review on the TF.

ROTF Soundwave Review
First thing I noticed was the in package mode. Most of the time, deluxe size TF's are usually in their vehicle mode when in package, so you couldn't really see how they would look in robot mode. This is what turns me away from some TF's because I only display them in robot mode. Being able to see the robot mode right inside the package is probably what caused me to buy this right away. Not much to say about the package, background design looks pretty interesting with the hieroglyphics. The picture of Soundwave's head in the front of the package reminds me of a evil-lized first movie Optimus Prime head LOL

And here's the description of Soundwave on the back of the instructions,

"Stationed in orbit above Earth, Soundwave swiftly taps into every satellite in range. Within minutes, communications, data traffic, weather information, and high-resolution spy photography flood his sensor net. The spill of data fills him with pleasure, and one by one, the humans' systems come under his complete control. From his seat on high, he is in a position to control the destiny of mankind without their knowledge...or to run their civilization into the ground."

Out of package:
In robot mode, his proportions look a bit weird, short and wide. But I haven't seen the movie so I don't know how he really looks like. I will comment further when I have seen the movie. In robot mode, articulation is pretty good, I still have to play around with it to see. The best part of this TF is the transformation. I thought it was complicated yet neatly engineered. All the pieces go together perfectly and it looks awesome in its satellite mode and vehicle mode.

Paint apps are pretty good, a little messy around the top of the head, but not very noticeable. I looked through several figures to compare the paint apps and they were quite consistent. However, he is begging for a metallic paint job, maybe that will be my next project.

Onto the pics!
(Click pics to enlarge)


Robot mode

Satellite mode

Vehicle mode

Overall, I really like this TF. It is really fun to transform. I can't stress enough how well engineered the transformation is. Everything is well thought out and the fitting is perfect! After getting this TF, I can't wait to see how he looks like in the movie!!!

This TF scores a 5 out of 5 from me!


  1. Nice review. I will wait for premium version for sideways.

  2. They should just skip the normal version and go straight to the premium! I totally forgot about it! If the premium Soundwave looks good I guess I need one

  3. Good score bro!! When is my Takara version arrive??