Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MOC Display

I took out my MOC figures on the weekend because I wanted to think of a way to display some in my room. At first I was thinking of using a rectangular piece of wood to mount the figures and then mounting it onto the wall. But I found out push pins work as well, even easier and cleaner looking. So today I bought a 100-pack of push pins for a dollar at the dollar store and mounted my MOC Spiderman villans. I still have some more MOC Marvel Legends and Power Rangers, but not sure if I want to cover my whole wall with them or not.

Do you collect MOC figures? If so, how do you display them? Or are they stored away in boxes?

Just added my Power Rangers stuff on top of my closet. They are basically just hanging there since the wall behind seems to be solid wood, so the pins only went through a few mm's.


  1. Push Pins do work best, and then just like you have them displayed. I have lots of 2002 MOTU in packs, and lots of 25th anniversary Joes in packs still. Need more wall space though.

  2. The MOTU's are pretty big aren't they? I am afraid to use push pins to display heavier figures like a ML hulk I have, better try it on somewhere low to the ground first. For the Joes, I like Little Plastic Man's way of displaying:


    I wanted to use this too for my Spiderman figs, but their plastic bubble is right at the bottom and there are no card at the bottom for that way to work. But it looks pretty nice and neat.

  3. That really work well for you. Apparently my walls are solid bricks that would not allow me to do such pinning.

  4. Thanks Jcee! Yes you are right, once the bubble is at the bottom, you can't use my method. For us in Singapore most of our walls are solid bricks so push pins can't work!

  5. That's the interesting fact about the brick walls that I never knew about!

    @LPM: How did you mount the black rails to the wall then?

  6. Blu Tack!! I must warn you that it does stain the walls after sometime. You could use 3M velcro strips which is much cleaner but expensive