Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Haul

Met up with a local collector today for this figma Dead Master from the Black Rock Shooter line. This was one of those figures that I passed on and then later wanted but could never find. I actually don't know much about Black Rock Shooter except for that short film feature. I just really like the styling of the characters in BRS though. I found myself wanting to get the Dead Master figma after receiving the Strength figure. She's a rare one to find nowadays though since it looks like all online retailers are out of stock on this figure and even if there's stock it is going for insane amount of $$. So I was pretty lucky to find this figure in perfect condition and complete with all accessories and box for about the same price as if I were to order from Amiami.


And since I was in a part of town that I rarely go to, I figured I might as well go to this discount store that had reports of Transformers Reveal the Shield sighting. I lucked out and found these guys for only $9 each! Grabbed some extras for trades for other RTS TF's that I missed out on too.



  1. If you find a better way to keep Perceptor's back part on let me know. I picked up Optimus too, haven't opened him yet.

  2. @jboypacman: Yup, had a great toy run today haha!

    @Dan: His back is only held by that little peg right? I think if that part is thicken just a little (nail polish?), it might hold better. In normal standing pose, I have displayed mine for several weeks (I got this a while back) and his arms/back stayed in place fine, but would fall down when I mess around with it.

    By the way, have you seen the Maketoys battle armor for the G2 Prime? It looks SIICCK!!!

  3. The TF toys really are good grabs. I didn't watch Black Rock Shooter it sure is a popular anime. The skull and death-scythe weapon looks awesome on a petite gal.

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