Saturday, November 19, 2011

Camera bag

I've been meaning to get another camera bag to store my Canon XSi for my astrophotography use for a while, but I didn't want to spend too much on just the bag since it was mostly for storage of the camera along with all the cables and such. Then this week I got an email from Henry's (photography store) about their camera bag sale. I end up getting one of the Lowepro Passport Sling bags, I've actually been eyeing this bag for a while for regular use when I don't want to carry too much stuff around. The sale just made the deal perfect since the price now is $20, original price is $40. Since I will be dedicating this one for astro-use, I am actually thinking of picking up another one at this incredible price.

On the outside, it looks like a simple bag. It doesn't even look like a camera bag which is a plus.

On the inside, a padded insert is included which is secured to the bag by strong velcros. The insert can hold a standard size SLR (shown here with the Canon XSi and 35-105mm lens mounted) and another lens or flash in the space beside it. The grey flap on the left side of the insert is a memory card storage compartment. As you can see in the picture, there is also plenty of space in the bag to the left of the insert for some small items (sunglasses, wallet, figures haha). Another cool feature is that this space can be increased by unzipping a zipper on the outside of the bag which probably doubles the amount of space in the "extra" compartment. There's also several outside pockets, one of which should be able to fit a water bottle as well.

All in all, it's a simple bag that does exactly what a bag should do. It is a perfect bag for those who do not bring a lot of equipment with them and just want a bag to protect the camera. The extra space and compartments are definitely useful to store all the other personal items. A plus for me is that it has space for a water bottle which is something that my other bag does not.


  1. Half off is a great deal and makes it worth getting two if you need another. : )

  2. Ya it's already a pretty good bag at $40, half off just makes it a steal!