Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Haul

Got this lot from a local toy collector I found on Kijiji. I normally don't even look at kijiji, but for some reason I was led to the site and just decided to search the term "Power ranger". After browsing several pages of Power Ranger costumes and video games, I spotted a lot of figures. Then after several emails back and forth with the seller, we arranged a meet up today and I got the full set of MMPR flip heads! Although I think there's a white ranger flip head as well, but that is a rare one to find. I also bought another 8" red ranger to replace the one I originally had because his chest symbol was scratched off when I bought it.

I am really happy with the flip heads lot, I've wanted these figures since I was a kid but never got them. Now 16 years later, I got them all. YEAH!

The collector/seller was a really cool guy too, we chatted for about 30 minutes before I had to leave. I learned that he collected a lot of the older Power Ranger toys, Chogokins, Marvel and DC figures. I always find it really fun to talk with toy collectors, to learn about what they collect and their collecting history.

This is the lot I got, the white ranger is not a flip head though. I believe it's the movie version figure since it's chromed.

Here's their human forms, by pressing on the belt buckle, their human heads flips to change to their ranger heads. I can never get bored of this gimmick, it just makes me smile to see the gimmick.

This is how I have them on display right now...looks soooo goood!


  1. Thanks Super! I am really happy I was able to find the whole team, in this good condition, AND locally as well. And I met a new fellow collector as well...what more can I ask for? lol!

  2. Never had these but my younger cousins did and i remember thinking they were very cool with those flipping heads. Congrats on finally getting these after all these years. : )

  3. Thanks jboypacman! These figures are very cool indeed. I think I am on a MMPR splurge recently. I am glad there's no new toy lines that I am hunting for lately, more $$ for Power Rangers stuff haha. Although there IS Transformers Prime that seems to be showing up locally lately, but I am still undecided on whether I want to start collecting that line or not.

  4. Nice collection I have large power ranger collection I hope it is any ways and yeah the silver one is the special edition movie ranger I have one of these on a card