Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October Amiami Haul

Since my October order from Amiami was much more tamed than my previous hauls from them, I opted for the SAL shipping which took several weeks to arrive. I was getting worried since I was so used to EMS. But finally it arrived safely today, it took 2.5 weeks in total which is not bad I guess.

Revoltech War Machine to go with Revoltech Iron Man and SHF Tajadol for my OOO collection.


  1. Oh man those look sweet JCee i hope we can get a look at those out of there package sometime.

  2. Where can i find those KAMEN riders?Also is their a show or series associated with the figures?They look amazing!

  3. @jboypacman: For sure! I actually already opened the Tajadol, the quality of these figures are decreasing though. They used to have diecast feet so they can do some nice poses without support. But recently I noticed many of the ones I got has plastic feet only.

    @actionfig: I ordered these Kamen Rider figures from here:


    But you can also find them on BigBadToyStore too which might be better for you if you are in the US since shipping would probably be cheaper. And the shows are subbed and can be downloaded at:


    This is where I get all my Kamen Rider shows, I am currently watching an older series that they are subbing now, Faiz. The figure above is from Kamen Rider OOO which I recommend as well. The previous one before that is Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider Decade. I actually only got back into Kamen Rider after watching Decade. Although I am not sure if TV Nihon has W and Decade. They should still have OOO though. The current series is Fourze. Check them out and let me know how you like it!

  4. To me, the War Machine looks awesome! I would be worried too if EMS takes longer than a week. Usually it takes around 3 days for EMS shipment from Japan to Singapore.

  5. I didn't download any of the episodes but i did check out some of the trailers on Youtube Jcee and it kind of reminds me of a cooler version of the Power Rangers(correct me if i'm wrong).

  6. @Dennis: Ya War Machine looks pretty good, although from outside the box, the aesthetics look just slightly better than the Hasbro 6" figure. However, the best feature of this figure is the Revoltech articulation. I will open Iron Man and War Machine together.

    @actionfig: Yes, that's sort of what I would say about it. Except the story is much better than Power Rangers.

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