Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stormtrooper Clock

I've been looking for one of these ever since I saw LEon over at Open the Toys reviewed this. Toysrus was the only place that had them here, but it was an Online-only item and I didn't want to pay shipping on top so I eventually forgot about it.

But while I was hunting for TF's at Walmart today, I found this guy on the shelf. And to my surprise, the price was even cheaper than Toysrus's price!

My lone Stormtrooper checking out our new recruit haha!

Seeing that I never look at the instructions for these things, I missed out on the light up feature on this figure. I went back and checked on LEon's review and he also did mentioned it, but it was a while ago when I read about it. So to light up the clock display, simply push on the Stormtrooper's helmet and you will get this yellow glow on his stomach which lasts about 6 seconds.

I was thinking if Lego releases some of their "Mini-figs" in this scale without the clock, I would probably start collecting them. I actually think this minifigure clock gives off a designer toy look. It's definitely a cool and functional display piece.


  1. These are very cool JCee congrats on picking this up.

  2. That is pretty great. If the display lit up, I'd consider getting one to replace my current alarm clock.

  3. @Mario: Actually while playing with it, I just found out the clock display do indeed light up when you press on his head. I'll be adding a picture of that in this post in a bit.

  4. When I was in Taipei, these were everywhere!
    Beside Stormtrooper, they had Boba Fett and Darth. Should have gotten them...damn

  5. @LPM: The other one we have here is Darth, but I didn't see Boba Fett. I actually googled about these minifig clocks after and found there were quite a few of them available, but probably limited to certain areas only. There are even Buzz Lightyear and Woody versions of these.

  6. LOL I love the Stormtrooper looking at the Lego Stormtrooper, it is like "OMG!!"

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