Sunday, November 20, 2011

S.H.Figuarts Trunks

It looks like the SHF Dragon Ball Z figures line is finally picking up the pace on its lineup. With the Vegeta and SSJ3 Goku coming out next month, we have been shown pics of their next release: Trunks. It has been announced that this figure will be a US exclusive and a Tamashii Web exclusive outside of the US. Ever since the announcement of Vegeta and SSJ3 being exclusives, I know many fans were disappointed because exclusives are generally harder to acquire and most of the time end up being more expensive. I am not sure why Bandai is going the route of exclusives with this line, especially with the main characters as well.

Being a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z since I was a kid, I broke down and ended up preordering Vegeta online. The total came to $55 shipped for this figure alone which I think is a bit on the expensive side especially since it looks like he is not going to come with any effect parts. I passed on SSJ3 Goku though since I still think the hair looks weird on the figure and the price was way too expensive (about $80 shipped). Although I do plan on getting this Trunks figure. The preorder for this figure is available on BigBadToyStore already and it is going for $48.99. I feel this figure is of better worth since he apparently comes with both regular and SS hair, 2 swords, 8 faces, and 14 hands. This figure is being released in May 2012 so I have plenty of time to put aside the money for him.



Anyone else going to get this figure?


  1. I really want to get some sort of figure from these guys but the prices are just too high for at the moment.

  2. it seems like all DB for this line is doomed to go exclusive. I like trunks but I don't think I will get this for the price tag...

  3. Ya I just don't get why these are all being exclusives either. Having to pay almost double the price for these figures just sucks. But I probably think Trunks is worth the price because I feel like I am getting ripped off on Vegeta LOL!

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