Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend haul

Bought this on the weekend when I was over at a friend's house in Downtown, Toronto. While walking there, I noticed that there was a comic store within 5 minutes from the condo! And doing as any other collector would have done, I decided to drop by and I am glad I did! The store was called 401games, they had a pretty good selection of figures. As with most comic stores, there was a small markup in figures that were available in retail. But the comic store only figures like the NECA figures, Marvel Select, Play Arts were priced really well. Most were around $5-$10 cheaper than stores I go for my comic figures. It's really too bad that this store is so far away from home or else I'd be going here for all my figures from now on.

But I did manage to score this Play Arts Kai Sneaking Suit Snake that I've wanted for a long time! I was looking for this figure at the Toy Expo last week, but they only had him in his Jungle outfit from MGS3. This sneaking suit is of Snake in his suit that was in MGS2 which is still one of my favourite games.



  1. This is the latest Snake. Congrats.

  2. he's cool- i love discovering a new place to satisfy my lust for toys!

  3. The figure of 'Snake' looks cool. Neca has a way of making character look badass like the way they are in games.

  4. these toys are really beautiful! I'mgonna buy something like that to my child, it's interesting only about it's safety.