Friday, August 5, 2011

Transformers Animated - Shockwave

Finally opened this TFA Shockwave that I've been keeping NIB for a long time because I didn't have the room to display him. But now that I got my new display shelf, he can finally break out of his package and join his comrades.


The Animated line is still one of the best packaged lines in my opinion, I just love the colorful look of it.

This is his Decepticon vehicle mode which is some sort of tank with a beam cannon.

And then simply prop up the tracks and flip down the cannon and he is now in his Autobots spy vehicle mode, which looks sort of like a crane.

Here's Longarm, the Head of the Intelligence Division of the Autobots team. He looks quite friendly doesn't he? The funny thing is that his Decepticon symbol can be seen under his legs lol!

Little does the Autobots know, he is actually the spy Shockwave from the Decepticons!

I am really glad I have finally open him, I LOVE the Animated line and he is no exception. The design is awesome and I am still sad that they decided to end the show so early! Animated is still my favourite TF line ever!


  1. I love my animate line too! missed some of them tho.

  2. Oh cool he is like the old "Double Dealer" TF.