Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marvel Universe Iron Man 2020

Finally cracked opened these 2 Iron mans I got from last weekend's Toy Expo. I have already told myself that I am going to stop buying these Marvel Universe figures, but I am still a sucker for Iron man figures.


The design of these two Iron mans are very futuristic.

The paint apps on the IM 2020 seems cleaner than the other one. But the right IM has a new mold.

The design of the IM 2020 is very familiar, in fact, it has the same mold as this earlier MU IM release, only with a few added armor pieces and a new face.

As a result, this IM doesn't have a whole lot fo articulation since I think this older IM mold is from pretty early in the series.

On the other hand, this new IM has some pretty amazing articulation for a MU. One thing that I am very impressed with is the ankle joints. The addition of the cut thighs and ankle joints introduces a whole bunch of possible poses with this figure, like this one.

Seeing the improvement in articulation in these new MU figures have put some faith in me back in this line. With the re-introduction of Marvel Legends from Hasbro as showned in SDCC, I was pretty sure I was going to jump boat and go back to ML. But with all the upcoming releases for the MU line and these improvements in articulation, I might just have to stay on this ship afterall haha!


  1. I like this Ironman 2020 and the other one doesn't look too bad either. : )

  2. Ya I like the Ironman 2020 aesthetically, but for articulation, the other one is hard to beat.

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