Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Devourer of Worlds

After a year, I have finally acquired this figure that I've been wanting for a loooong time. These were not available at retail for us Canadians here so the only way to get them were online or from comic stores. After tax, these were almost $100 at the comic stores so I never got one. Recently I was introduced to Super Power Collectibles on the local forum. Marcio, the owner of Super Power Collectibles, is a collector himself and strives to provide lower prices for toy collectors. The Galactus is my first order from him since he was selling them at $54.99 which is the cheapest I have ever seen being sold locally. The shipping was fast and Marcio even included a written note in the order to thank you for the order which I think is very nice. I know I will be going back to him for many more toys in the future!

My massive Spiderman finally has a new friend!

Looks sweet displayed on top of my display case!


  1. Bitchin'! I just picked up a Sentinel 3 wks ago, perhaps we could BATLLE some time :D Never seen that 50 ft tall Spidey... loks like a ginat Marvel Legends...?? Icons?

  2. The dude is huge! Congrats on finally getting him.

  3. Spidey never looked better!These guys are sick.Silver Surfer looks great next to Galactus.Great blog with nice detailed pics!

  4. Thanks all! I am really happy I was finally able to get him too!

    @ Super-Duper: That Spidey is from I think Movie 1 or 2. It was just this massive one with like 60 points of articulation that I've wanted ever since I found out about it but they usually got for around $200! Luckily I found a good deal from a local collector for one MIB so I picked this up only early this year I believe. Had to open it to play with it though...even has all the articulation points of the human is one insanely articulated figure! By the way, my Galactus's got back up...coming soon! haha

    @ jboypacman: Thanks! Ya he is massive, the pics just don't do it justice.

    @ actionfig: Thanks for checking out my blog! I will check out your blog when I have time!