Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Joint Gattai Zyuranger Megazord

As requested by Super Duper Toy Box, here's the review on the Joint Gattai Zyuranger Megazord I just received from my July Amiami haul.


Zyuranger, also known as, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in North America is the Power Rangers I grew up with. I remember watching it in Cantonese in Hong Kong and then again in English here in Canada LOL! The Megazord in MMPR is still my favourite Megazords out of all the series of Power Rangers. The one from Shinkenger is a close second for me.

On the back of the packaging you can see all the configurations this Megazord can combine into. One thing I was surprised about this toy is the ability to form the individual zords that combine into the Megazord.

On the side of the box you can see the individual zords corresponding to their rangers.

Here is what is included, unfortunately a sword is not included.

This is a very basic figure, but it still looks great!

The mold is very simple, this actually feels more like a candy toy to me, except the details are paint and not stickers.

All the joints on this toy are swivel joints, so don't expect to put this Megazord in any dynamic poses. That leads me to the next point...

The "playability" of the Joint Gattai series is the ability to mix and match pieces from different Megazords in the series together to create your own Megazord. However, I only have this one so I am not able to take advantage of that. There are many pegs on the figure to allow for added components. This actually reminds me of the Mechtech system from the current Transformers DOTM line.


The pieces above can also be assembled into the Dinozords.




Sabertooth Tiger


They can also combine into their tank mode which is how it is displayed in right now.

Overall I really like this toy, it is a good representation of the MMPR Megazord and has a lot of playability. There are many pegs and slots so you can make some crazy configurations as well or mix and match with the other zords from the existing lineup to create your own. The only gripe is that I wished it came with its sword so it looks a bit more complete in robot mode. Not a big deal though as this toy is not really meant to be an action figure, but more of just a fun robot building toy.


  1. Ahhh! that thing is cool! The Dinozords have some great little details in the sculpt :D

  2. I remember when Power Rangers were the biggest thing on the planet for kids. My younger cousins went crazy over these as did there friends.

  3. Nice redo of Megazord. I like MMPR when it was first introduced and Green Ranger was then my favorite.

  4. Wow, this brings back a lot of memories. I will have to pick this one up in the near future. Great post!