Monday, August 1, 2011

Pursuit of Cobra - Jungle Viper Review

Decided to open the POC Jungle Viper I got from the TFCon/80's Toy Expo tonight. I've always wanted to get the POC Jungle Viper and they have actually been released here for a while, it's just that they get picked up very fast and I've never even seen them in retail yet even though I've heard of sightings of them around town. So seeing that he was selling for only $10 was a no brainer for me to get.


I've wanted the Jungle Viper ever since I saw the preview pics from some toy show about 1 year ago I think. He reminds me of Deathscythe Custom from the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz movie, except with a gun lol! This figure comes with surprisingly a lot of pieces, most of which make up the camouflaging suit. His main weapon is some type of huge sniper rifle, the barrel on it is massive, it looks more like an anti-vehicle type of gun than a sniper rifle. He also has 2 handguns, one on the holster on his right calf and the other on his left thigh so even if you manage to escape him long-range, he can still take you out short-range haha. He also comes with a scope-visor-thingy that probably grants him super-vision like Superman as well.


Overall, Jungle Viper is a really cool figure that I am glad I picked up at the show because I doubt I will be able to find him in retail. I am actually regretting not picking up another one since these type of troopers usually look better in pairs or groups. Maybe I will get lucky and find one in retail later down the road. *crosses fingers*


  1. OMG! This Cobra look good!! I love the wings! Will grab one when I see it.

  2. Yup I was just looking more into the POC line and there are quite a few that I want just because they look cool lol!