Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Robot Damashii Wing Gundam Zero

I finally decided to open and review the Robot Damashii Wing Gundam Zero I got from my June Amiami haul. This is a long overdue review requested by RiP666. Although I am glad I did end up opening this tonight because I had a lot of fun playing with it! It is my first Robot Damashii and after this experience, it sure will not be my last! Anyways let's get onto the review...this is going to be a long one!

Gundam Wing is my first exposure to Gundam when I was a kid and to this day it is still my favourite Gundam series. I remember back when Gundam Wing was on TV, Bandai came out with a series of figures which were quite detail, but most only had standard articulation. Even though the figure looked really nice, they wouldn't be able to get in any good poses. Now comes Robot Damashii first figure for the Gundam Wing series, this particular Gundam model is from the Endless Waltz movie which I have watched many times already because I just LOVE IT!

Back of the box with the most memorable pose of Wing Zero Custom with his twin beam rifles.

Along with the figure, there is the wings assembly which attaches to the back of the torso via 3 pegs. There are also 2 extra pair of hands, one pair for weapons holding and the other are open hands. For weapons, there are 2 beam rifles and the beam for his beam saber.

A display stand is also included. The stand resembles the stands you can get for the Gunpla model kits.

This is one good looking figure. The wings assembly is almost as heavy as the figure itself so the stand is required for most of the poses. In addition to the heavy backpack on the figure, the torso-to-hip joint on my figure is quite loose, so posing without the stand is very hard. It is not impossible, but it will require some balancing of the wings and it might fall over very easily.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a beam for the beam saber included. The handle of the saber is actually attached to part of the wing assembly just like in the movie. Unfortunately, only one beam is included but there are two saber handles.

The weapon holding hands holds the beam saber alright, it is not a snug fit, but it is good enough with most poses.

Let's take a closer look at the figure itself. I notice the design of the figure is very similar to the design of a HG Gunpla kit in terms of parts assembly. For those of you who have had experience with Gunpla, you will see the similarity. Although one thing that I did not like is the green sphere on his chest is not clear plastic, instead it is just plastic painted in metallic green. A translucent green plastic piece would make it look much nicer.

The articulation in the legs and the skirts are exactly what you would expect in a Gunpla kit, except this is more durable for play than Gunpla.

What I am really fascinated by is the wing assembly on this figures. There are so many articulation points in this assembly alone, allowing it to adapt to any pose you like.

Double ball joints on each individual "feathers".

The rear wings have three extensions.



The wings are connected to the backpack via multi-jointed extensions.

The flexibility in the wings allow for many different poses, I am just amazed at the number of articulation they packed in this figure.

And of course, there are also the dual beam rifles.

The famous pose with the combined beam rifles can be reproduced easily.

Overall, I had tons of fun playing with this figure. It felt exactly like playing with a HG/MG Gunpla kit without the pieces falling off part. This is my first Robot Damashii and I am certainly more interested in this line after messing around with this figure. I usually open a figure and mess around with it for 15 minutes or so before putting them in my display. But with this figure, I must have played around with it for an hour or two because it was simply just so fun to play with. There are tons of little joints in the figure so it can take on a lot of poses. I really hope they will be doing other characters from the Gundam Wing series in the future, I would LOVE a Deathscythe Custom as a Robot Damashii figure! I highly recommend this figure to anyone who likes Gundam Wing as this figure will not disappoint for sure!


  1. now that is a fun robot! any toy with wings appeals to me for whatever reason, this one is a work of art- looks very fluid, graceful. And the stand just makes it all happen- Damn!

  2. Amazing number of articulation points. You are right about Robot Damashii being more durable for play. I have a couple of Robot Damashii under U.C timeline.