Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Camera

Received this last piece to my astrophotography arsenal today. It is a full-spectrum modified Canon XSi. The IR-filter glass in front of the sensor has been removed so the camera can also see into the infrared spectrum which is required for astrophotography.

I had to go with Canon instead of Nikon because most astrophotography equipment and software are made for Canon DSLR's. An example is this Astronomik light pollution filter I got along with the camera. The Canon bodies are made to support this type of clip-in filter which goes in front of the mirror, there is no such option for Nikon. The light pollution filter is a must-have item because even a 5 second exposure of the sky will result in an orange glow from the sodium and mercury lights. This filter blocks out specifically the sodium and mercury lights, and the useless parts of the infrared spectrum.


Then here's the Cinevate Nikon-to-Canon adapter mount I got from B&H from yesterday.

Tested out the adapter on an old school Nikon 35-105mm lens, works great! It's easy to mount on the lens and camera and easy to take off. Fit on the EOS mount is not perfect, but close enough. There is very little wiggle if you try to wiggle it, under normal operation, it should have no problem. Although it might also have to do with the weight of this lens since it's all metal construction.

Now I just have to learn how all this works and hope for some clear skies!


  1. I wonder how Canon and Nikon feel when they saw such post which is an abomination to each other. LOL

  2. Haha it's a picture of a Nikon lens mounted on a Canon body, taken by a Nikon DSLR LOL

  3. Nikon len on a Canon camera..first time I saw this combination..

  4. Haha yes it's an abomination!