Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Universe 2.0 Beast Wars Cheetor

More pics at the end of the week!

Beast mode. Looks fast just sitting there haha

"Triple blade battle disks" hidden in upper leg area.

[Added 03/20/09] Sleek robot mode, looks like a crossover between the original Cheetor and the Transmetal 2 Cheetor to me...


  1. Hey Jcee, I have this as well but still don't know how to transform it into robot mode..Haha!!

  2. man...i can't say in words how much i miss beast wars man...those times i was a kid and grew up on it...

    was THE transformers era for me.. didn't grow up on autobots or was BEAST WARS!

    THOUGH I MUST SAY your figure looks sweet! Beast mode especially ...exactly like the movie though in robot mode its a tad too slim? i do remember clearly the original version released though not that accurate in beast mode like the tv series, was much more accurate in robot mode =D will post on it if i ever dig it outta my toy box to show you! haha..

    love this post bro!

  3. @desmond: Ya the transformation is a bit tricky. Only TF I had that I needed to look at the instructions a second time haha

    @Joshua: Me too! Beast Wars was my first exposure to Transformers. Thinking back, the show seemed pretty "advanced" at the time because it was 3D-ish, sort of like 3D graphics on the PS1 haha.

    About the figure, I remember my friend had a Tigatron, I think it is just a Cheetor repaint. The beast mode was a lot more bulky, but it is good for the robot mode because the show counterpart was quite bulky as well. The robot mode of this current one reminds me of the Transmetal 2 version of Cheetor in the show, slim and sleek. If they do a Tigatron repaint, I will pick up one for sure too! Or maybe I should just make one myself...haha

  4. I didn't follow the Beast War timeline but I think this Cheetah is well made for a toy. Looks good in both mode.